Traffic lights out at Brookfield

The traffic lights are reportedly out at Brookfield this afternoon, flashing orange as in this photo. File photo.

The traffic lights at Brookfield are out this afternoon.

A caller to the SunLive newsroom says she drove past at around 2.15pm and they were ’flashing orange’.

She thinks a person is currently there fixing them, however.

Earlier this year in January the lights were not working for several days.

Some residents thought it was an improvement, though, saying that traffic flows more smoothly when motorists are simply driving to the give way rules.

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Always better when the lights are

Posted on 10-05-2018 18:26 | By Chris Lee

I like "Told you"’s suggestion. Every time I’ve been through when the lights are "out" (flashing orange) the intersection is working well with minimal delay


Posted on 10-05-2018 16:23 | By Capt_Kaveman

was a stupid idea putting them there in the 1st place


Posted on 10-05-2018 14:27 | By Told you

Why doesnt the Council do a survey and leave the lights out for a two week period and study the traffic flow, they maybe surprised how well it functions.