Council contracted guard assaulted

A security guard patrols the perimeter of the now abandoned Bella Vista Homes development. CHRISTEL YARDLEY/STUFF

A private security guard has been attacked while protecting a Tauranga City Council employee’s residence.

The attack came the same week a security guard died after being assaulted at a South Auckland, at a Countdown Supermarket.

Detective Sergeant Darryl Brazier says the Tauranga assault occurred sometime between 10.30pm and 10.40pm on May 1 near Penetaka Heights at The Lakes, Tauranga. 

Council confirmed private security was assigned to two senior staff members’ homes after concerning comments on social media were brought to their attention in the wake of the failed Bella Vista development which left 21 homes evacuated.

"The comments were directed at council staff," says chief executive Garry Poole.

"We are also aware of inappropriate behaviour towards our staff in public. However, we cannot discuss those specifically.

"We take the health and safety of our staff seriously, and because of this, we have engaged security."

Council could not provide the cost of having 24-hour security present at the staff houses, but security firms contacted by Stuff suggested a starting rate at about $40 per hour, equating to $13,440 for both staff to have security.   

"We are pulling together the cost of security and will provide this when available," says Garry.

"We are monitoring social media, and all options are being considered. We have discussed these matters with police."​

Tauranga police ask anyone who noticed any suspicious activity in the area of the alleged assault on Tuesday night to contact them on (07) 577 4300.


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Well said.

Posted on 09-05-2018 14:06 | By davidt5

I could not agree more. Are our elected representatives just rubber stamping the CEO and staff of TCC?Time to start representing the ratepayers who have been promised extorbitant rate increases in the coming years. Not all of the citizens of Tauranga have bottomless pockets.

Crazy stuff.

Posted on 09-05-2018 12:58 | By AndyCap

While it is no secret that many decisions by TCC are not popular with the Tauranga public, councillors personal home lives must be strictly off limits. However, when they wear their work hat and actively engage the public with their own opinions and perspectives on certain issues within media articles, blogs and the like, then they open themselves up for 24/7 online praise or critisism, especially as they are in paid public service. What is worrying SUNLIVE is that you have closed all comments on the Larry Baldock article and by doing this you are not allowing many to have a fair right of reply. Moderate comments within reason, but this new restriction comes across as censorship, strongly in favour of council, as they are now ’protected’ to a large degree when the waters which they stirred get rough.

WHAT THE >>>>>...

Posted on 09-05-2018 11:51 | By tabatha

This must tell Gary Poole people are frustrated at what is happening. Yes I do not agree with assaulting the guards or any worker, but some people get so frustrated with TCC they do not know where to turn. Perhaps it is time for all Elected members to discuss the problem without Gary and his workers present and then call them in to outline why people are hounding them and back into committee to decide on actions. It is plainly obvious TCC is not running smoothly and something needs to be done now not later. Sitting behind the CEO is not the answer. Councillors you were elected by the people for the people and security guards payment must be coming out of rate money and yes protection maybe needed but why. Time for answers.