Gate Pa couple’s pleas to ‘slow down’

Neville and Carol McKay.

A Gate Pa couple is pleading with motorists to “slow down” near a pedestrian crossing they feel is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Carol and Neville McKay say the intersection on Cameron Road near Kauri Street and Munro Street is a safety concern to all who use it.

Carol, who uses a mobility scooter, has been struck once by a vehicle while using the crossing and has had about three near misses since – with the last incident being as recently as last week.

“There’s two lanes to cross when you’re coming from Munro St, then you have the centre median and then another single lane to cross,” says Neville.

“This single lane is the problem. Cars go screaming through red lights. It makes you think twice about crossing now, because people aren’t following the road rules.

“We want to highlight the safety concerns at this crossing not only for the elderly, and those on mobility scooters – but for everyone, be it pedestrians or cyclists.

“We both use our mobility scooters and I’ve also had a few near-misses. They’re quite predominant scooters too, and if you can’t see them 50m down the road, or see the red light, why are you on the road?”

Neville says people often don’t take into account the fact scooters have a delay.

“It takes about two seconds for the power to kick in, and that’s another thing people don’t factor in.”

Carol says the incidents have meant she is now fearful when she travels.

“My scooter is my main way of getting around. I come to other crossings and sometimes I wave cars on, sometimes I thank them for letting me cross and sometimes I wait altogether; but not at traffic lights. At traffic lights you just have to wait your turn.

“I’m so nervous every time I have to use that crossing. We call it ‘crash-crossing’.

“I try to go all the way down to New World if I have to cross now and then I’ll come all the way back up the road.”

Neville says the most important message he wants to get across is for people to take care.

“The problem is the speed cars travel at along that road, and the fact they are ignoring the lights. Someone is going to get killed – people need to take care.”

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Totally Wrong Road Lay Out

Posted on 05-05-2018 07:11 | By Colttany

This is not a pedestrian crossing ... ( Give Way ) ?? Its = A signalised crossing !! Ive come down this intersection & nearly crashed into the back of a vechile that stopped on a GREEN Light letting a Mobility Scooter cross ?? Um & for this stretch of Road .. People run & Walk from Gate Pa Shopping Centre all the time & nearly get side swiped. I recon there needs to be barrier from this Signalized Crossing to the lights at New World. I hate coming driven down here as people just walk out in front of you while you driven . Very Dangerous Area


Posted on 04-05-2018 12:37 | By maildrop

I think you will find that they one and the same. Studies have proven that motorists who break laws don’t differentiate which road laws to follow. People who speed, drive too close, lane hop, act aggressively towards other drivers, run red lights, use phone, don’t wear seatbelts, drink, on drugs. All the same. Stop kidding yourself.


Posted on 04-05-2018 12:09 | By rastus

We were promised that red light cameras would be installed at every traffic light installation in the country - I have yet to see one in Tauranga and when I emailed LTNZ a few months ago about this - they never even had the courtesy of replying - so where do you go on this increasing traffic risk?

Speed, speed, speed

Posted on 04-05-2018 08:14 | By The Hobbit

........speed is always being blamed. The majority of pedestrians probably wouldn’t be anywhere near the correct speed if they were to guess the speed of each moving vehicle. The issue here, I suspect, is mainly red light runners - this is what the police need to clamp down on and red light cameras should be installed at the most notorious intersections and/or pedestrian crossings - someone would make a fortune at some of the local intersections!!! As for the 2 second delay in power kicking in on these scooters - this kind of proves my earlier suggestion about judging speed, it seems to me that these guys can’t accurately estimate time either...............2 seconds, one, one thousand, two, one thousand - really? I would suggest there is a fault with the scooter(s) and these need some urgent attention.