Lucky escape in Te Puke train crash

Yesterday’s crash scene. Supplied photo.

A second’s difference could have completely changed the outcome for a carload of people, after a train crashed into their vehicle near Te Puke.

The accident happened at about 4pm, on Collins Lane near Te Puke on Wednesday afternoon.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager acting Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter says the vehicle failed to stop.

“The car failed to see the train and stop, has impacted with it, and yet miraculously they all managed to walk away unharmed.”

He says the crash highlights key safety messages.

“At these intersections where they are not controlled by lights or barriers, you must stop and make sure the way is clear.

“Trains can sneak up on you pretty quickly and they are not able to stop quickly.

“These people are very lucky they walked away from this. A second difference and it would’ve been a totally different outcome.”

The crash follows another which happened at the same crossing in the middle of last year, when a truck and trailer unit crashed with a train.

Fortunately, the driver of the truck escaped without injuries in this crash too.

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Dontcha hate it when....

Posted on 03-05-2018 20:37 | By GreertonBoy

Those pesky trains swerve onto the road and hit innocent cars? Oh.... maybe it wasn’t quite like that? I hope the train driver is not too badly affected by the drivers stupidity... namely lack of attention. Definitely Darwin’s theory at work.... evidently this lot slipped by


Posted on 03-05-2018 13:30 | By clingon

’Trains can sneak up on you pretty quickly’- Yip, I’ve seen them hiding in the bushes just waiting for an unsuspecting motorist to cross their path and nek minute: boom- they have got you! Yeah right. Why don’t drivers concentrate on driving, turn their heads to "look for trains" as the signs say and stop chatting to their passengers. A train only travels on railway lines and when a car crosses it’s path and a collision takes place everyone knows who is going to come away 2nd best- WAKE UP...


Posted on 03-05-2018 12:55 | By Peter McAdie

Since when do cars have eyes? (as suggested in the article). What about the feelings of the driver of the train (400 tonnes plus) who had no hope of stopping who was suddenly confronted with a vehicle full of people. The onus to prevent such an accident must surely rest with the driver both of this car and of he truck mentioned.