Reports of truck and car crash

File photo.

UPDATE 1.45pm

One person has sustained minor injuries following a crash in Mount Maunganui.

A police media spokesperson say the crash happened just after 1pm.

"Police were called to a crash on Hewlett’s road around 1.10pm.

"A car and truck have collided. The road is now cleared.

"One person was checked by paramedics and deemed to have suffered minor injuries."


Reports are coming in about a crash between a truck and a car near the Mount Maunganui flyover.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says the accident has happened on Hewlett’s Road, beneath the flyover.

"Traffic is pretty slow-moving in the area."

A SunLive reporter is heading to the scene and we will bring more information when it becomes available.

At the scene? 

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to

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Trucks are mental???!!!

Posted on 02-05-2018 17:07 | By Helloworld

Clearly by jed you are not a truck driver? Well neither am i but i certainly dont try and take on any trucks. If you saw the kind of driving by people in cars, that truck drivers see, im sure you will also respect the level of skills our truck drivers need and use.

Trucks are mental!!

Posted on 02-05-2018 14:21 | By jed

Truck killed a man several weeks ago, they are involved in too many crashes .