Tourism spending up to $1.9b

International visitors spent $595 million in the year to March 2018.

Tourism spending in the Bay of Plenty is up to an estimated $1.9 billion.

This is according to the latest Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment this week.

According to the stats, tourism spend for Bay of Plenty is estimated to be $1.9 billion for the year to March 2018, up eight per cent compared with the year to March 2017.

MBIE Manager of Sector Trends Mark Gordon says that of this tourism spend in the year to March 2018, international visitors spent $595 million (up 10 per cent compared with the year to March 2017), and domestic tourists spent $1.3 billion (up seven per cent) in that period.

"When it comes to the monthly expenditure, tourism spend in Bay of Plenty for the month of March 2018 is up 14 per cent compared with the month of March 2017.”

View the full statistics from the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates.

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Posted on 28-04-2018 12:02 | By Accountable

I have asked Tourism Bay of Plenty to give me a break down on these figures through this comments column in the past but to no avail.I will ask once again could TBOP give us a full break down on these figures? For example, what does a visitor see and do in Tauranga to be able to spend this $1.9 billion? Where in Tauranga is this amount of money being spent? I know from personal experience that the cruise ship passengers are not a major contributor to the $1.9 billion. I will look forward to TBOPs response.

guess,estimate,or fact

Posted on 28-04-2018 08:34 | By hapukafin

Is $1.9 billion from returns from business houses,the IRD or whom.Many bussiness houses find it hard to estimate this figure from tourists


Posted on 27-04-2018 16:38 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So that’s in a year? 99% of that will be in Rotorua, the remaining 1% will be elsewhere in teh whole BOP region. That of course assumes that the numbers are in fact real, but becasue they are merely "ESTIMATED" means no one as a clue at all about anything.


Posted on 27-04-2018 16:37 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Thats it, not real, not fact based, just stats made up to show how wondereful it all is. These numbers are about as meaningful as the Art gallery BS created so as to continue to rip off the TCC ratepayers annually even more.

Funny that...

Posted on 27-04-2018 10:18 | By babyG

Mark Cairns (Port of Tauranga) just a few days ago stated that the entire Bay of Plenty cruise ship tourism industry is only worth a piddly $40 million to Bay of Plenty, and his kiwifruit cool store sheds are far more important than any need for a cruise ship terminal down at the Mount. Kristin Dunne (Tourism Bay of Plenty) is also constantly talking about tourism figures in excess of a billion dollars. I understand that cruise ship tourism is just a part of the overall figures, but something doesn’t gel. These two need to get together over a cup of coffee and collaborate what figures they are going to spin to the public.

Love it,

Posted on 27-04-2018 09:05 | By Marshal

I wonder how much they will have to spend before the retailer can promote tourism, instead of the ratepayers..