Person missing at Omanawa Falls

Photo: Cameron Avery.

Reports are coming in of a person missing at Omanawa Falls.

Police and ambulance are responding, after receiving reports that someone has gone missing in the water.

A caller to the 0800SunLive News Hotline says a helicopter has flown in to Omanawa Falls.

Omanawa Falls is owned by Tauranga City Council and is closed to the public due to safety concerns.

The spot is known as a dangerous area – with one man being rescued earlier this year after being stranded overnight. He fell down the cliff while trying to leave the falls and was injured.

Another was hospitalised after receiving injuries in a fall in February this year.

SunLive will update the story soon.

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Dog owner

Posted on 23-04-2018 10:32 | By maildrop

Seriously? What would you like, big security fences (that can be easily bypassed), security guards 24/7 or build some pipes to channel the water to safety? You want to pay for that? Jeez some people just don’t think. You should stand for Council.

for Dog owner

Posted on 23-04-2018 07:52 | By penguin

If individuals choose to ignore signs related to their safety or otherwise, then the responsibility lies with them. No amount of grandstanding will change that. Imagine the world where, using your comments, we all ignored the signs designed for our safety...road signs included!

Omanawa falls

Posted on 22-04-2018 17:51 | By Dog owner

Does TCC not come under the health and safety laws, if this was a private company they would be taken to court and someone would pay heavily for the lack of safety , saying its closed is not good enough. I have seen a total of 86 cars parked all over Omanawa road on 1 occasion this year on one day. Does not seem to be closed does it?