Candidates to debate live on SunLive

The candidates who will be attending tonight’s live debate at No. 1 The Strand.

Tauranga’s by-election candidates will debate live tonight in an event livestreamed on SunLive.

Sixteen of the 20 candidates have confirmed their attendance at No. 1 The Strand, and will be questioned on a range of issues affecting Tauranga’s residents.

Questions emailed into SunLive for the candidates include whether the Turret Road bridge should be widened; whether Maori wards should be introduced in Tauranga; what should be done about beggars in the CBD; and whether the city should have a museum.

Each candidate is able to bring a maximum of two support people to make up the audience, and some prominent members of the Tauranga community are expected to make an appearance as special guests and provide commentary.

The live debate begins at 6.45pm on SunLive. To find out more about your candidates before the debate, check out their profiles here.

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In no particular order

Posted on 20-04-2018 06:42 | By nerak

Candidate X exactly why are you standing? Candidate X you’re dreaming. Candidate X you have to be dreaming. Candidate X ratepayers don’t need more outriders, they need less. Candidate X you do realise ratepayers’ expectations are far higher than your bar? Candidate X you do realise your idea of commitment is about as promising as my tap gushing gold? Some of you may just be barely savvy enough to get my drift. On the other hand, I quickly got the drift of many of you. Thanks Sunlive, with what I did manage to see I quickly confirmed where my tick will NOT go.

Thank you.

Posted on 19-04-2018 22:11 | By Murray.Guy

Thank you Sunlive for your efforts, your absolutely amazing hospitality. A grateful candidate with a zero budget!

Thanks Sunlive

Posted on 19-04-2018 13:06 | By Maryfaith

A pity this debate could not have taken place sooner. I, along with a lot of ratepayers, will have already voted.