Delays on Southern Pipeline project

Delays have been encountered on the multi-million dollar Southern Pipeline project.

Ongoing challenges of drilling deep under the harbour have pushed out the expected completion date for the Southern Pipeline Harbour Crossing project.

While over two thirds of the under-harbour reaming work has been finished, an issue with a small area of unstable sediment is currently being tackled at the Memorial Park end of the pipeline.

Tauranga City Council project manager for the Southern Pipeline Steve Wiggill says this has been an extremely challenging project.

"We’ve had to overcome several issues, beginning with an obstruction we encountered under the harbour back in August 2017, which badly damaged our machinery and created a domino effect of complications.  

“Then late last year, while drilling near Memorial Park, we came across an area of material that was much softer than expected."

Steve says it’s still too soft to drill through so they’ve been working with a panel of global drilling experts on solutions to stabilise the area.

The methodology the contractor will be using includes injecting firmer drilling mud into the softer material.

“The entire driver for this project is to help protect the environment, and that continues to be our focus as we overcome these construction challenges.

“We’ve been working closely with iwi representatives, and we’ve been meeting with residents close to the site to update them on the project.

“It’s been a tough project but the team has overcome each issue they’ve encountered. We’re pleased with the dedication they’ve shown in focusing on solutions.”  

Once the soft harbour material has been stabilised, work will resume to widen the final section of the harbour crossing.

That work is expected to take up to four weeks.  

Steel pipes will then be pulled through the harbour crossing, followed by the plastic wastewater pipes.

The final phase of this project will involve connecting the wastewater pipe to the previously constructed pipeline at Matapihi Road and to the pump station at Memorial Park.  

All of the remaining work on the project, including the current stabilisation work, is expected to take around seven months.

About the Southern Pipeline

The $21 million harbour crossing is the final stage of the $99 million Southern Pipeline project, one of several key infrastructure projects being built to cater for the rapid growth being seen in Tauranga.

The pipeline will relieve pressure from the Chapel Street Wastewater Treatment Plant by redirecting much of the city’s wastewater to the treatment plant at Te Maunga, which has extra capacity. 

It will connect the wastewater network between Memorial Park and Matapihi through a pipeline deep beneath the harbour bed, at a depth of up to 35m.

Southern Pipeline construction started in started in 2009.

The harbour crossing construction began in February 2017.  


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here we go again

Posted on 13-04-2018 14:19 | By old trucker

Surely the (CON) TRACTOR HAS Insurance to cover this, SURELY they drilled out there, this is turning into a NIGHTMARE, was this the CHEAPEST TENDER,does it cover holdups at contractors end by them surely they signed a CONTRACT at a Price to do it, its not our fault they have struck problems, for CRYING OUT LOUD, get on with it and stop bleating, if this was in China it would have been done now, Why could it not have been laid over the top instead of pushing it through, surely this would have been ok,and saved $$$$$$$$$$thousands, but what would i know, i have not just got out of school and have a Clipboard and Fluro jacket and in charge of this, had i been in charge it would be done by now, to many BOSSES and not enough Indians out there with NO CLUES,Sunlive Thankyou, 10-4out.phew.


Posted on 12-04-2018 18:53 | By Calm down

Why would they build a treatment plant in pyes pa? The final effluent still needs to be pumped out into the ocean, so a treatment plant there would mean you’d need to build a pipe out to te maunga anyway.

$21 million?

Posted on 12-04-2018 13:48 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The cost must have blown out for sure, or the contractors excessively priced it plus some...

Costs blow out

Posted on 12-04-2018 12:29 | By Johnney

Still cant understand why they didnt build a new treatment plant up Tauriko/Pyes Pa instead of pumping all their crap to Te Maunga. Next thing Te Maunga wont cope and will need upgrading.