Wickliffe pleads guilty to drink driving

Dean Wicklifee gained infamy in 1972 when he was charged in relation to the death of Wellington jeweller Paul Miet during an armed robbery Photo: Stuff.

Convicted, but paroled, killer Dean Wickliffe has pleaded guilty to charges of drink driving and breaching his release conditions at Tauranga District Court. 

He now faces a parole board hearing on Thursday to determine if he will be recalled to prison. 

Wickliffe, 69, has spent 41 years of his life behind bars as a result of more than 50-or-so convictions in his lifetime including manslaughter, aggravated robbery, escaping, kidnapping, driving with excess breath alcohol and possessing methamphetamine for supply.

Between 1987 and 2011 he has been freed and recalled to prison five times.

His most recent release was granted in May last year and he is now living in the Bay of Plenty.

Wickliffe appeared in court via AVL on Wednesday and entered guilty pleas to driving with excess blood alcohol, driving while disqualified and breaching his prison parole release conditions by consuming alcohol. 

Wickliffe has a previous history of drink driving, having been convicted in September 2017 for the same offence. Before then his last offending was in October 1996. 

If the Parole Board determines that Wickliffe poses an undue risk to the safety of the community, a final recall order will be made and he will continue serving his sentence in prison.

Wicklifee gained infamy in 1972 when he was charged in relation to the death of Wellington jeweller Paul Miet during an armed robbery.

He earned further infamy after being the only person to successfully escape from Paremoremo prison - twice.

Wickliffe was originally charged with murder but the Court of Appeal ruled the charge should be downgraded to manslaughter. 

He was released on parole in May 2017, around the same time he completed writing an autobiography of his life. 

 - Stuff/Matt Shand.

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Posted on 12-04-2018 15:23 | By Anton

What is spend on this life waster,how many law abiding people could be served to well needed operations and elderly care.


Posted on 11-04-2018 17:24 | By maildrop

Well clearly 41 years was not enough. No regard for other people at all. It should be do not pass go and straight off to jail for the rest of his miserable life but I suspect the Parole Board will be more lunatic. Sorry, lenient.

Dean mate........

Posted on 11-04-2018 17:12 | By Bruja

You’ve just GOT to wrap your head around not breaking any laws it’s not rocket science. You’re 69 bud and I hope to hell they don’t send you back to jail, I’d really love to see you spend the rest of your days on this side of any cells. Half way through reading your book and so far it has spoken to be about a broken child and childhood right through to an intelligent and emotional adult. Do ME a favour, stay out of jail eh?

Who in their right mind

Posted on 11-04-2018 17:08 | By simple.really

would NOT find him a danger to society?? Lock him up for life. I would hate to be the one who says let him go, and then he kills again.

How many chances

Posted on 11-04-2018 17:08 | By Hopeful

After reading the last SunLive article on Mr Wickliffe, I really believed that he had finally chosen to change and that he would now make better choices for the latter part of his life. Silly me and all those other idiotic professionals in the courts and parole board. It saddens & angers me that this old man of 69 with a history like his, would absolutely just want to live a quiet, low key, law abiding peaceful life. Dont get me wrong, if Wickliffe wants to have a drink-fine BUT dont then drive, and then expect yet another chance.What a wasted lifetime of 69 yrs - thats on you, not the innocent.