Carpark sacrifice for cycle loop

Timo Rannali’s vision of how the marine parade section of the loop will look. Photo: Timo Rannali.

A trial cycle loop around Mount Maunganui North has been given the go ahead by city councillors, subject to approval by residents.

Councillors at the Transport Committee meeting on Monday recommended public feedback is sought on the options:

A two way physically separated cruise way on The Mall and associated one way vehicle traffic flow with parallel parking.

The committee is urging council adopt the plan produced last month, which sacrifices a single parallel carpark on The Mall.

The two way cycle loop continues on Adams Avenue.

The council is seeking public feedback before implementing the trial because of the loss of the single car park on The Mall.

Bike Mount spokesperson Heidi Hughes presented a petition signed by 232 people to help make councillors decision easier.

She read out comments in favour of the trial from a number of the petitioners. And says they will be happy with the NZTA recommended 2.8m width for a two way cycle lane, instead of the 3m originally proposed.

“We just think one-way cycle way along there is setting it up to fail,” says Heidi. “This is mostly about a lot of little kids on bikes and things. If they want to turn round a go back, they have nowhere to go they will have to go all the way around the peninsular.

“We think that at least we could trial it. We think that 2.8m is actually pretty good.

“Please councillors give it a go. It’s a six month trial. We have spent a lot of time and energy bringing this to you and I remember at the last council meeting there was a lot of frustration around councillors saying ‘why can’t we just get some wins on the ground?’ Well this is a win on the ground and its ready to go, and we are already half way there.”

“We have to move away from a single mode of transport and really look at how we share our streets.”

Transport planner Karen Hay says the community engagement will take place over the next couple of months with the trail possibly beginning

“There was quite a lot of enthusiasm for the trail given that it was a trial. I have not yet received any negative response to the trial,” says Karen.

Consultation is expected to happen in May and depending on feedback, the trial is expected to be implemented in July or Augusts.

“Sometime you just need to get on and do the trial and see ow it works,’ says Cr Larry Baldock. “I recall another project along pilot bay that had a lot of opposition from some people, and it’s turned into one of our best assets.”

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Posted on 12-04-2018 15:55 | By Border Patrol

I think you may find that many visitors to the mount use their cars to transport things like their families, kayaks, surfboards, picnics and other things usually required for a nice day at the beach, all a bit difficult to fit on a pushbike.

Less car parks needed

Posted on 12-04-2018 12:35 | By Johnney

Simple, more people biking equates to less car parks needed. The maths is simple


Posted on 12-04-2018 01:14 | By CC8

232 people out of 150, 000 put a proposal to council and suddenly we are having a trial , yet we cant get a binding referendum on a museum.....have they considered the boat ramp, and boats and tow vehicles forced to go around Marne Parade and over the speed humps, what about commercial vehicles? deliveries, moving trucks, and commercial fishermen using Pilot Bay wharf? Tourist buses etc etc??? What’s more their misleading artwork shows two way traffic.

Baldock's Bollocks! Beaches are about Mum, Dad and the kids.

Posted on 11-04-2018 19:22 | By Murray.Guy

Cr Larry Baldock. I recall another project along pilot bay that had a lot of opposition from some people, and it’s turned into one of our best assets. ... I opposed the boardwalk for the full length FIRSTLY as The Mall in it’s entirety is/was past it’s useby date and a redesign was desperately required from the houses to the high tide mark, and still applies! I also opposed it as it came with a high price and maintenance tag, with decorative concrete at half the cost on both counts and the family green space for picnics, beach activities, events, significantly eroded. We now have ’another’ redesign with families and beach goers further disadvantaged, one lane, one way for vehicles and reduced parking, 2 way and 2 corridors for cyclists, joggers and walkers? Perhaps it’s PAST TIME to reclaim our public spaces and carriageways for their intended use!


Posted on 11-04-2018 17:01 | By Border Patrol

..a whole 232 people signed and they get listened to. The mount’s a dog’s breakfast anyway, so why not?

Yes but....

Posted on 11-04-2018 16:25 | By jed

What about the cycle / walking path that should be built along the dunes all the way from the Mount down to papamoa? Or even Maketu if they can figure out bridges etc. That would awesome , and really not that expensive compared to roads.

Worth a shot

Posted on 11-04-2018 15:41 | By tgacentral

Slightly misleading title given only one park will be lost. It looks like the new cycleway should provide a popular alternative to driving and parking in the central Mount area and reduce the pressure on parks. Win win for everyone.