Voting opens in Tauranga by-election

Ballot boxes are still available for those who miss the post. Photo: Supplied.

Voting packs are now in the post for people to have their say on a new at large position on Council, and share their view in the museum referendum. Distribution started today.

Residents can expect to see their packs arrive in the mail over the coming week, says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

Each voting pack includes:

  •   •  A voting paper for the 2018 by-election

  •   •  A profile booklet on the candidates standing in the 2018 by-election

  •   •  A voting paper for the museum referendum, including a unique access code with the option to vote online

  •   •  An information sheet on the museum proposal

Voting is open from Monday, April 9 to 12pm Tuesday, 1 May.

Check you are enrolled to vote by visiting.

For further information visit

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Posted on 11-04-2018 21:31 | By Told you

Does the TCC think all rate payers are stupid and cant see thru their blind obsession with a Museum it would pay them to listen to the people for once and do what they want not told what they are going to get.No Museum thanks.


Posted on 10-04-2018 13:49 | By rastus

I have just received and read the documentation accompanying the by election/museum referendum. Talk about propaganda - There is no doubt that the museum blurb has been contrived to attempt to sway the population into a ’yes’ vote, all the statements being positive - very little if any comments published are showing the negative sides of such a museum - The protagonists would claim that there are no negative aspects but those who pay the rates may certainly have other views. - Hardly balanced!