Car hits powerpole in Judea

A car hit a powerpole in Churchill Road (Photos: Cameron Avery)

A car hit a power pole in Judea this evening. 

The crash occurred about 10.30pm in Churchill Road. There was a single occupant in the vehicle.

Ambulance, police and fire service have been called to the scene, and PowerCo shut off the power. The driver was safely extricated from the car and taken to Tauranga Hospital.

Churchill Road has been closed at this stage, and the power will be shut off until further notice.

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The power pole started it...

Posted on 08-04-2018 22:15 | By clingon

The car was quietly going along the road and then all this abuse from said power pole so what was the car to do. The pole had to be taught a lesson so the car hit the pole-right in the middle: the unmarried person in the car (he was a single occupant) had to post a pic on farce book to record the event in case everyone thought this story was made up...

Hey c'mon guys..!!

Posted on 08-04-2018 20:32 | By groutby could have been another...’medical event’...?

Rotten poles....

Posted on 08-04-2018 14:44 | By GreertonBoy

They are worse than trees for jumping out in front of cars! Hopefully the driver is ok and the phone survived as well... would be terrible to have to miss anything on farce book if that got damaged....


Posted on 08-04-2018 13:22 | By rastus

I feel so sorry for this poor motorist who was in this rogue car - this car had the temerity to hit a local power pole. When are these scoundrel vehicles going to be put to heel - enough is enough