Bands for the Papamoa evacuation event

Brilleaux and The Generators will play at the Papamoa tsunami event. Photo: File.

Tauranga City Council is encouraging people to practise their evacuation plans with an invitation to walk or cycle to the official opening of the purpose-built tsunami high ground.

A council spokesperson says it will be a great way to test personal evacuation plans on Saturday, April 7 from 3.30pm at Papamoa’s Gordon Spratt Reserve.

There will be live entertainment from local bands Brilleaux and The Generators.

Both bands are stamping their mark on the international stage, and the event will be one of the last opportunities to enjoy Brilleaux’s lively, rocking, rhythm and blues before they set off for their UK tour.

The music line-up then continues with another local band, The Generators, playing energetic timeless covers for young and old to enjoy on the night.

Residents along our coastline now have a network of tsunami evacuation routes, safe locations and a suite of clearly marked evacuation maps and signs.

However, none of this matters if people do not know where to go, or how and when to use this network.

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@ Joan King - I lived in Papamoa

Posted on 08-04-2018 20:36 | By SML

for some years, and had the same concerns. When I asked someone in the Regional Council, what plans there were for evacutuating people with mobility disabilities, and the aged in the rest homes along the Mount-Papamoa coastline, I was baldly told "I’m afraid they’re "collateral damage". I moved, and now live happily in the highest area of Greerton. Also, having been part of a small group investigating how high the tsunami of approx 1340 AD came up the Papamoa area (as far as the old garage site, and higher), the little pile built at the Gordon Spratt Reserve isn’t going to save many at all - better to head for the hills, if one can, or move, now.

What about the elderly and people with medical conditions

Posted on 04-04-2018 12:55 | By joan king

Great having evacuation plans but all on foot!! What about the elderly often on walking frames or sticks, how on earth are they expected to walk such vast distances. Nobody seems to take that into account. There are other medical conditions that could cause problems also. It would take us a good hour or more to get to the Gordon Spratt reserve and then the same back if we were able to do it. We have had to accept that in a Tsunami we may well perish. We wouldnt know if one was coming unless there was an almighty earthquake as we dont have smart phones either. Council seems to assume everyone has them these days.


Posted on 03-04-2018 20:33 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Sounds like the "Pied Piper" to me... follow the music to the end of the trail!