A review on Ohope pedestrian crossings

The review will be considered as part of the forthcoming Whakatane Traffic Study Project.

The design of potential pedestrian crossing points in Ohope is to be progressed by the Whakatane District Council.

Following the presentation of a petition on the need for safe road crossing points in Ohope for people with disabilities, and other submissions on the safety and comfort of people with mobility issues on urban streets generally, Council Transportation staff have investigated the various points raised.

Reporting to the Council’s Projects and Services Committee this week, Transportation Manager Martin Taylor says the investigation highlights a number of accessibility issues, most of which are able to be addressed within existing road maintenance and minor improvements budgets.

Five additional crossing points which would provide a safety benefit were also identified in Ohope. These included:

· Ohope Shopping Centre, just west of the shops

· The Presbyterian holiday camp, just west of Millers Stream

· Harbour Road, by the Library

· Harbour Road, associated with the new Port Ohope entrance

· Ocean Road, at the end of Hoterini Street.

The Ocean Road site is considered to be a lower priority, as there is no specific point where people cross.

Martin says design work would be undertaken for the remaining four sites. These will not be formal pedestrian crossings, where pedestrians have right of way, but will nonetheless be formed crossing points, clearly marked and identifiable for approaching motorists.

Where possible they would include a mid-road island where pedestrians or people on mobility scooters could pause safely, however, width constraints at some locations may not allow these to be included.

Similar crossings on Landing and Domain Roads will be considered as part of the forthcoming Whakatane Traffic Study Project.

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