Smell of gas sparks Tauranga callout

Firefighters investigating reports of gas in the CBD. Photos: Andrew Campbell.

Firefighters have been called to central business district in Tauranga this morning, following reports of a strong smell of gas.

Three fire trucks are located on The Strand and Harington Street investigating where the gas smell is coming from.

A reporter at the scene says firefighters are looking around at the back of the Lone Star restaurant.

People are have also gathered on the street to see what is happening.

At the scene?

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golly gosh

Posted on 22-03-2018 17:12 | By old trucker

WAS this not from the TCC CASTLE, GOSH, there is a lot of GAS coming from there, (LOL) just my 2 pennies worth,nothing wrong with a giggle now and then,my teacher at school use to say, there is a gas leak in here, and its all you talking to much in class, my thoughts only for what its worth,to much PC these days,Sunlive is No1 for News, Thank you, and 10-4 out. phew.

Same thing, similar area

Posted on 22-03-2018 09:27 | By tish

two months ago.