Worker's skull bashed in machete attack

Do you know any of these men? Photos: Waikato Police.


A Hamilton shopkeeper’s skull was fractured when he was hit on the head with a machete during a robbery this morning.

The dairy worker was taken to Waikato Hospital with significant injuries after the attack.

Two masked men armed with a machete and an axe entered the Emm Jay Dairy, on the corner of Brookfield and Grey Streets, at 8.30am.

Police said the sole person working at the store was hit on the head and hands with the machete, with cigarettes and cash taken from the store.

The two men then headed south in a stolen silver Mazda Familia, registration FEP218.

Police have confirmed the victim has suffered a fractured skull.

Anyone who was in the area of the dairy at the time of the robbery who may have seen anything has been asked to contact police.

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Low- lifes, cowards, loosers...

Posted on 14-03-2018 12:28 | By clingon

The dregs of society who think that they are so special that they can live outside the law. Thankfully they are a minority as most of us obey the law and respect others. We dont let greed and selfishness take over- will that worker ever have the confidence to stand behind the counter again waiting for the next violent thief to satisfy their wants while hiding behind a mask and holding a weapon? You can make any excuses for these failures but we all have personal choice to do good or bad- what were they taught as kids?