Protest outside Mount Burger King

The protest happened on Friday night. Photo and video: Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

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Local activists from Anonymous for the Voiceless held a protest on Friday night outside Burger King at Mount Maunganui, on the corner of Maunganui Road and Banks Ave.

The protesters stood in a circle with white masks looking outwards and holding iPads and signs that read ‘Truth’.

Anonymous for the Voiceless, established in April, 2016, is an animal rights organisation that specializes in street activism. The group holds an abolitionist stance on animal exploitation.

To date the global organisation has held 2476 demonstrations in 441 cities and 56 countries. Their website states they’ve ‘managed to convince at least 84,036 bystanders to take the needless violence in their diets and lifestyles seriously.’

Footage of what "food" animals experience, combined with information resources on switching to a vegan lifestyle is provided to people in the street. 

For more information about the group, visit

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Well done

Posted on 05-03-2018 14:07 | By

Great to see progress in Tauranga. When I arrived 10 years ago there was no vegan activism and hardly any vegetarian options in restaurants, let alone vegan. It just shows how far awareness about the consequences of our dietary choices has spread. Kia kaha to the activists.

Im glad

Posted on 04-03-2018 20:28 | By Dazed and Confused

That young people are peacefully asking us questions about how we live

@ dumbkof2

Posted on 04-03-2018 17:04 | By MISS ADVENTURE

hahahaha... there is evidence to support your comments, apparently some talk to trees and plants and claim benefit from it for the plants, apparently seeking to reinforce a belief that plants have feelings. Whatever the case I am sure that TCC sending out rates demands that ever increase is also easily justified as somewhat harmful to the feelings of ratepayers. Some would even argue that it will cause teh extermination of?

not eating

Posted on 04-03-2018 14:03 | By dumbkof2

i was going to be a vegan until i heard all the veges in my garden screaming mercy mercy don’t cut me off in my prime. now i don’t know what to eat