Major improvements announced for SH2

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The NZ Transport Agency is today announcing the final options for State Highway 2 from Waihi to Tauranga.

The programme will improve safety, journey reliability and cater for growth adding to the immediate safety improvements along the route which are already underway.

The programme will see wide centrelines, side barriers and 26 intersection upgrades delivered between Waihi and Omokoroa from next year, a new seven kilometre highway between Omokoroa and Te Puna and a bypass of Katikati.

The Agency’s System Design Senior Manager, Brett Gliddon, says the community showed strong support for the options at open days earlier this year.

“We have spoken with the community and the priority here is to prevent people dying or being seriously injured along this stretch of road. That is why we have started work on interim safety improvements at key intersections.

“We will also be preparing for safety improvements such as wide centrelines and installing side barriers from next year and speaking more to the community about reducing the speed along State Highway 2,” says Brett.

The team is now focusing on design and acquiring any land required for the programme of work. Construction will then proceed subject to further funding.

The project team is working with our partners on park and ride and regular bus servicesthat link to the existing cycling and walking network.

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Safety Improvements?

Posted on 12-12-2017 13:48 | By phoenix

There have been more accidents on the piece of road pictured, than before the so-called safety improvements,costing millions of dollars, were made.Go figure.

Seriously Horrendous 2

Posted on 12-12-2017 11:52 | By comfortablynumb

This cant come quick enough. I drive a heavy vehicle 4 times a day on this stretch of road and some of the cambers on those narrow bridges is appalling and far more noticeable in a large vehicle than in a car. One particular one near Aongatete pack house throws my vehicle towards the double yellow line and is highly dangerous if your not prepared for it. As for Christine 1965 comment the answer is simple...leave earlier and allow more time !

Note the ...

Posted on 12-12-2017 11:01 | By chancer

... proviso "Construction will then proceed subject to further funding." Don’t hold your breath everyone !!

Waste of money

Posted on 12-12-2017 08:50 | By jed

Tunnel the kaimais, then you don’t need to improve all the way to waihi.

Once again Brett Gliddon has won the

Posted on 11-12-2017 22:10 | By TheCameltoeKid

There’s no mention of the TePuna to Route K addition! This needs to be the 1st step to ease a real choke point at the Wairoa bridge. Why hasn’t construction already begun? Simon Bridges said the money was there and he couldn’t understand why things weren’t progressing. Now that was over 3 years ago when at the Omokoroa hall he said those words and yet 3 years later still no progress! All we got was over 2 years of cronic congestion and the result? The TePuna roundabout which like the Tauriko roundabout is cambred the wrong way making it dangerous for heavy transport! 3 years on and still no TePuna By-pass. This MUST COME FIRST! And Don’t Forget Winston Peters election pledge that he would remove the toll gantry on Route K! Imagine the congestion at the Elizabeth street roundabout if" God Forbids" the man ever keeps his word.

katikati by pass

Posted on 11-12-2017 21:49 | By OAP

Can we really believe it ?

I hope

Posted on 11-12-2017 19:16 | By Merlin

I hope this includes the intersection off Quarry road after the recent fatality.The increased traffic to the Quarry park and the dips on either side of the main highway with traffic going at the 90 km speed limit coming up from the dips is waiting for another disaster to happen.Same for the Omokoroa intersection.Also their is a lot of subdivision going on which is increasing the traffic trying to get on the Sate highway.

What a waste of time!

Posted on 11-12-2017 17:48 | By Christine1965

So with all these new intersections and reduce speed limit expect drive times to increase

How about

Posted on 11-12-2017 17:18 | By PersonWorm

More passing lanes for safe passing. There is a lot of slow moving traffic on this road.