Fine warning for freedom campers

Freedom campers are facing $200 fines in town this summer.


Freedom campers breaking city rules this summer are being warned they will face $200 fines.

The Tauranga City Council has been able to fine freedom campers since June, when it began enforcing the Freedom Camping Bylaw in 2013.

Freedom campers can be fined $200 if they are not in a certified self-contained vehicle, park in a prohibited area or stay at a permitted location for more than two nights in a calendar month.

Other offences such as lighting fires or failing to remove all waste and litter, can also result in a fine.

“Since we began issuing infringement notices, we have seen a decrease in the number of fines that are issued each month,” says Team Leader: Bylaws & Parking, Stuart Goodman.

“We are really pleased to see that the majority of freedom campers are following the rules and are helping us minimise the impact on our natural environment.”

In June, a total of 264 infringement notices were issued; in October is was just 78.

“We are about to enter the busy festive period and Tauranga is a popular holiday destination for both domestic and international travellers.

“We are asking visitors to our city to follow the rules so Tauranga can remain a friendly and reliable freedom camping location,” says Stuart.

Specific locations across Tauranga have been set aside for freedom campers, at all permitted reserves, designated areas are clearly marked, with signage showing the designated areas and any restrictions.

“The colour of the designated areas will change over the next few weeks so that they are easily identifiable. Campers should look out for the green parking bays with a white campervan stencil,” says Stuart.

Freedom campers planning to visit Tauranga should take the time to go to Tauranga City Council’s website where all the rules around freedom camping are available. Campers travelling in a non-self-contained vehicle must book into a campground to avoid receiving an infringement.

Tauranga has 38 permitted freedom camping locations.

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Pay Up

Posted on 08-12-2017 05:06 | By johnmcd03

Tell us how many fines are paid not how many are issued. I think there will be a big difference.

A lot

Posted on 07-12-2017 19:09 | By Merlin

A lot of camping grounds have been sold off for subdivisions there is a far lot now than there were a few years ago.

Fletch, it's about lifestyle, the self contained motel on wheels.

Posted on 07-12-2017 15:50 | By Murray.Guy

It’s mostly NOT about affordability that has some ’freedom campers’ avoid camping grounds, but the desire to avoid the intensified crush and often noise associated with them. Increasingly we live in intensified residential suburbs so having invested in a fully self contained camper to ’get away from that’, what on earth would attract you to the chicken battery camping ground? These self contained folk with a passion for the outdoors, compared to the free boat ramp, parking users, the beach, playground, Art Gallery users, have NO impact on our rates to speak of. Just as we drive our car, van to get from A-B, so do they. Lucky them, unlike me who might have a snooze at the beach in the day, they can stay parked and snooze at night. That’s a sin apparently? Soon we’ll have folk complaining, because I take a picnic versus buy a mea

non self contained

Posted on 07-12-2017 11:37 | By gvmcc

I see vans that are not self contianed staying at Taylors car park As someone who has a fully compliant RV this sort of activity will eventually mean we lose our right to stop in alot of places. I read Western Bay are using a contractor to police campers, Great idea


Posted on 07-12-2017 10:35 | By Stevo

And only one of them knows how to park

what's more

Posted on 07-12-2017 09:52 | By CC8

If they live in a mobile home and they truely do not have an address , how in the hell does ANY authority enforce a fine ?

TCC braindead

Posted on 07-12-2017 09:06 | By Capt_Kaveman

most of these fines will not get paid once out of the country thats it, education and night patrols could drop them notes of requirements which is better than the old english slap a fine mentality


Posted on 07-12-2017 07:46 | By fletch

If these so called freedom campers cannot afford to go to a campground how are they going to pay a $200 fine