Friday 13th could bring Lotto luck

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While Friday the 13th has a reputation for being unlucky, the number 13 may not be as unlucky as it seems – this year’s 13 Powerball winners certainly don’t think so. 

The top Powerball prize has been struck 13 times already this year by players from around the country.

This includes an epic win nearly a month ago by a syndicate of 10 lucky women who scooped a massive $30 million — the third largest Powerball prize ever won in New Zealand and the biggest for 2017. 

And it’s not just this year that the number 13 has proven itself lucky for Powerball players. In 2016, the Powerball First Division was struck 13 times, with four players taking home $13.3 million.

“The number 13 has been certainly been lucky for Lotto players in recent years,” says Emilia Mazur, General Manager Corporate Communications at Lotto NZ. 

And it doesn’t end there — the number 13 is in fact the third most frequently drawn Lotto number of all time. 

“Since Lotto began, the number 13 has been drawn a total of 318 times, making it the third most common number to be drawn."

Whatever your Friday the 13th superstitions, with a combined prize pool of $13.4 million up for grabs tomorrow night, the number 13 may just be lucky for some.   

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