Driver uninjured after hitting cow

The crash happened on Oropi Road, about 200m south of Wood Road. Supplied photo.

A driver has escaped injuries after hitting a cow on Oropi Road this morning. 

A police media spokesperson says police were alerted to an accident at 8.37am involving a car hitting a cow on Oropi Road, about 200m south of Wood Road. 

“There was some debris on the road but the vehicle involved is on the side of the road and awaiting a tow. 

“It looks as though ambulance were advised but more as a precaution - the driver of the car did not appear badly injured.” 

Police say there is no word on the status of the cow.

The driver of the vehicle says he would like to thank everyone who stopped and helped. He says he is one very lucky man.

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Oh dear

Posted on 15-10-2017 09:03 | By Papamoaner

That should have been moove, not move, but sunlive edited it. 2/10 Sunlive in the pun steaks.

Maybe it was a steering problem

Posted on 15-10-2017 07:51 | By Papamoaner

Or cud the driver be trying to hide his bad move?

Roast beef for dinner

Posted on 14-10-2017 08:22 | By maybelle

Should be allowed to keep the cow... same thing happened years ago in Pyes Pa... cow was shooed off someones lawn, leaped off the bank and onto a car... the officer bought a gun to shoot the cow and missed...only 1 bullet... poor cow, what a fiasco...


Posted on 13-10-2017 13:00 | By GreertonBoy

That is one lucky driver (and an unlucky cow) Glad driver is ok.... Whew!! I wonder if he used the horn? I guess nothing left to do than milk the insurance company.... ring and say he has a beef and give them a ribbing.... no bull!

Udderly ridiculous

Posted on 13-10-2017 09:58 | By Papamoaner

Clearly some tit hoofort he could beat a cow. probably going like a bull at a gate.

Unlucky... but lucky...

Posted on 13-10-2017 09:55 | By unltd1nfantry walk away unscaved! Hope they had insurance. Free steaks and sausys for the driver I say!