Archaeological site uncovered in city

Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout with the Stream C Ground Penetrating Radar, which was used to uncover the pa site beneath the proposed museum site, near the Rose Gardens. Photo: Ryan Wood.

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An archaeological discovery of ‘national significance’ has been uncovered in Tauranga.

Tauranga City Council made the announcement at the Rose Gardens on Cliff Road this afternoon, where the remains of a pre-European pa site have been found.

Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout says significant remains are likely to be part of the find, and may have an impact on the decision as to whether a museum will eventually be built there.

“We’re excited to explore this further. Cliff Road is very much the front-runner at the moment as a preferred museum site, along with Willow Street. We have to look at the pros and cons of each site, but this location is more culturally significant and beautiful in its outlook.”

He expects progress on the museum be slowed by this discovery, only to the extent that council would need to undertake some archaeological digging.

Local kaumatua Peri Kohu says the area of the proposed museum was occupied continuously by Maori up until the land confiscations of the 1860s.

“The discovery of these trenches is like a living museum for us. This is the place for the museum, as far as tangata whenua are concerned,” he says, adding it would give Maori a greater presence in the CBD.

TCC senior surveyor and GIS analyst Lance Fearon discovered the archaeological remains while surveying the site using the council’s new Stream C Ground Penetrating Radar.

The lawnmower-like device has a maximum speed of 6km/h, and sends electronic pulses into the ground.

“Whatever is underneath the ground will send back a pulse, depending on its resistance. A steel pipe, for instance, will send back a better signal than a plastic one.”

The machine, accurate to within one centimetre, has already been used to search for other archaeological remains at the Domain, and will prove useful for future developments around the city.

“In the past, we’ve had to rely on developer plans, which were sometimes inaccurate,” says Lance. “So it’s another tool in the toolbox.”

According to a report by archaeologist Ken Phillips, commissioned on behalf of the council by Beca, eight archaeological sites have been identified within 100 metres of properties potentially affected by the proposed museum development.

“Archival research and archaeological survey indicate land affected by the proposed museum development likely contains components of the southern defended section of Otamataha Pa as well as evidence of pre-European Maori open settlement and cultivations.

“In addition, archaeology relating to early European activity, including components of the Mission Station and later features associated with the 1860s military occupation and Armed Constabulary headquarters, may be present within land affected by the proposed museum development.”

“Therefore any intact archaeological evidence within the property has high regional and national significance, and has the ability to add to our understanding of the pre-European Maori occupation of the peninsula and major events that transformed the district between 1828 and 1900.”

He stresses the report is an assessment of impact on archaeological values, and does not include an assessment of Maori values.

“It should be noted that archaeological survey techniques based on visual inspection and minor subsurface testing cannot necessarily detect all possible subsurface archaeological features, nor identify wahi tapu and other sites of traditional significance to Maori, especially where these have no physical remains.”

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@ Bella-donna-reject-ile

Posted on 16-10-2017 21:53 | By MISS ADVENTURE

slogan cut and past ... the intention is to irritate opponents ... it is an effective strategy ... faced with having to sieving out the plausible argument in order to continue the desired line of thought. The pressure, mindbending required by our lovely Popppa and Bella-D almsot makes them one in the same, a match in heaven. The tormoil and torment that must be going on is perhaps likened to "growing pains" the state of mind of the average 15 year-old boy, knows so much about everything, has remembered to take the rose tinted glasses simply becasue it is cool .... apparently but but has forgotten to stop and smell the roses.

@ Bella-rear-flecta

Posted on 16-10-2017 21:46 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Eight or ten or 100, does it really matter, as long as you are at the point where realisation and awareness puts a spark in the otherwise dead light bulb, then I am happy to assist you towards enlightenment, learning and a lot more. Obviously you must have had a hard life to be in this place where tehre is such agression, rejection of something ... anything new. I hope that you are on the upward slope now? God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

Oh dear

Posted on 16-10-2017 08:59 | By Papamoaner

Missy has been smoking that horrible stuff again. 8 semi-automatic shots in a row, with the usual brainless slogan cut and pasted at the end of each post. The electronic synthesis of a foot-stamping tantrum. If the intention is to irritate opponents, it is an effective strategy, because we are all faced with having to sieve out the useless chaff from plausible argument in order to continue the debate. Yawn!

Eight on the trot, and more to come folks.

Posted on 16-10-2017 08:57 | By R. Bell

Missy still believes a deluge of detritus wins arguments. Selective distortions and non contextual constructions, the name of his game. How many actually fall for it? I’d love to know. T.C.C rates account for about 50% of council income, ratepayers therefore get 50% of the say. To listen to missy anyone would think they rule the city.Consistent polls of a cross section of citizens show a majority in favour, not the dummkopf poll of friends though, that showed a majority against, surprise, surprise. Come on T.C.C put us out of our misery. There you go missy, have a crack at that, but please stop telling me how beautiful I am, people will start talking. Robin Bell.

@ Bella-selecta

Posted on 15-10-2017 23:00 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "a dusty cobweb of useless artifacts", now you are talking the good stuff here, at last. So as you and Poppa-rectka-selecta seem hell-bent on a massive spending spree on huge "state of the artz" Museum (and Poppe seems to have lost it completely by suggesting several/many) then in would you apply your infinite self created wisdom tell us why exactly then is there a shed at teh Mount full of apparently valuable stuff that apparently according to your plan wont even see the light of Dey? I am sure that the reasoning behind that will be equally mind numbingly delightful ... God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

@ Poppe toaster

Posted on 15-10-2017 22:30 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "many, of musty old echoey halls". I am glad you have said this as that allows all to understand why you love Muesums, you are one in the same.

@ bella-reckta

Posted on 15-10-2017 22:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "desire to be the "spoiler" is overwhelming", I am glad that you have about buckled to teh obvious messes created by TCC. The worst is yet to come, you just are not aware or able to decern it yourself, but you are very lucky, I am here to help you, you are just so lucky that I am here and able so easily to make the understanding so easy for you. Congrats that you are finally coming around. God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

@ Poppa-rheotchic

Posted on 15-10-2017 22:24 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "consistently scathing and derogatory to all things council regardless of circumstances", I would have to plead guilty to that (like most things it takes yers or you to spot these things ...). But I would plead innocent because of the simple fact that they are stupid, stupid does what stupid must ... perhaps you should re-read previos advice I have given to you and others here. because you are blindly supportive of all things created and dreamed by by TCC then you clearly have little/no insight to what they are really doing and of course how stupid it all is. God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

@ astex

Posted on 15-10-2017 22:19 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So true, so lets have a hole in the ground with a tin shed over it to keep the weather out and call it a muesum. I am sure that will get the hordes of tourists and a massive throng beating a track from the airport and bus terminal up the hill to Cliff Road. In fact exend the runway so as A380’s can land and then the passengers could just get out of the plane at the city end of the runway, scoot up the hill for a "exciting" look! After the two minute visit ... zip back down hill to teh awaiting A380 and then zoom off to Queenstown so avoiding and killing off Rotorua. Is that the plan Robin? God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

@ Murray Guy

Posted on 15-10-2017 17:32 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The simple answer is that it was part maori killing themselves and there are no treaty claims in that. Add also that pre-treaty. Like many a mythical story the validity of which is marginal at best.

Gadget tech?

Posted on 15-10-2017 17:21 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks to me that the screen in front of deputy Kel Clouted is the one doing all the detecting? Clearly something dense has been detected over a wide area randomly within.

Public Consultation?

Posted on 15-10-2017 17:12 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks like TCC’s desire to plow on regardless and not listen to the wise and enlightened has cost all millions yet again. The usual white wash and creative has happened to get this far and it will continue without doubt. That is TCC’s specialiality. Apparently the Mayor has changed foot and indicated the Museum is a done deal. This very sadly is a compelte disgrace, trashing of democracy, and contrary to any aspect of NZ way of life.

Architecture of a museum, brilliant comment

Posted on 15-10-2017 12:04 | By R. Bell

Papamoaner. It is true many still see a museum as a dusty cobweb of useless artifacts, missy is your average. You know that is no longer the case. keep up the good work, we badly need your input. Robin Bell.

Architecture of a museum

Posted on 15-10-2017 10:40 | By Papamoaner

I reckon a museum should not necessarily be all in one building or even at a single site. Some universities are like an octopus with tentacles all over the place at various sites. There is recently some disadvantage in the word "museum" because of its traditional connotations in the minds of many, of musty old echoey halls where people whispered. In modern reality, a museum ought to be more like an institute, perhaps with some polytechnic functions, for example interactive lecture theatrettes and laboratories. Or put another way, a "polytechnic with displays of history". A place where kids learn how to "read rocks" and their magnetic orientations locked within the rocks, from which much ancient knowledge is gained. One example of many.

There is a clue in there somewhere missy,

Posted on 15-10-2017 09:19 | By R. Bell

not that you have the nous to recognise a golden opportunity. The world and N.Z. is sloshing in money. Every nation has debt, most manage it and have done for ever. Every citizen carries the responsibility to contribute, most do without whinging constantly, but not missy and crew. The desire to be the "spoiler" is overwhelming. Robin Bell.


Posted on 15-10-2017 08:33 | By Papamoaner

You have confirmed something I always suspected. You are consistently scathing and derogatory to all things council regardless of circumstances, but you have now demonstrated an ignorance of how councils operate. It is not the function of council to rob Peter to pay Paul. Business cases and budgets are proposed for individual projects albeit museums or housing etc, followed by a business plan. It seems you would have us robbing one coffer to boost another - a recipe for disaster. I would not trust you to close the gate behind you old chap, let alone change a wheel.


Posted on 15-10-2017 08:24 | By Papamoaner

Fair comments but I don’t think you would find many people these days who advocate a "traditional" museum. They are, and should be, a thing of the past. And I agree that a concrete edifice is not the best option. A tastefully designed building predominantly made from timber and sensitively combined with and around the Pa site seems to me to be a rather exciting option. This new empirical confirmation of the existence of the historic site is a welcome boost to the concept of the museum. This is getting very interesting indeed.

Change of mind....... Maybe

Posted on 14-10-2017 08:36 | By astex

Whilst I have always been against the idea of a large concrete museum, with this discovery I can see a huge opportunity for Tauranga. We are always complaining about tourists going off to Rotorua and this could be a way to give them something really special to see right here in the middle of the city. How about looking at restoring at least some of the site to it’s original state. Is there anywhere else in N.Z. that people can see an original Pa site? With a creative vision this site could easily become one of the biggest tourist attractions in N.Z. creating many jobs. A living breathing museum piece. Now I would support that instead of a traditional museum.

@ Bella-Lectrix

Posted on 14-10-2017 00:44 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So the failures here at Cliff Road have likely cost some millions already for what is a complete waste fo time and money anyway. Get the picture, the hobby horse is passed away at this site, reflective indeed of the entire scheme. The officials will likely attempt to white wash the results and do it all anyway. Watch for the communications on that.


Posted on 13-10-2017 21:31 | By Papamoaner

Thank you for labeling me "elderly" Robin - a rational title compared to some utterly meaningless nicknames I get given on here by the restlessly ignorant. Actually, at my old department, where I still periodically get consulted on contract, I am universally referred to as "the old bastard" but it’s an endearment. Well, I think so anyway. And you are correct in that this miniature forum is our equivalent Hyde Park soapbox, and I’m not a pom, god forbid.

@ Bella lectrix

Posted on 13-10-2017 20:45 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "be seen to be making progress" but you fail to realise what and where to. May I assist in guiding you as it is clearly needed. progress as a consequence of your views would mean into the dark and deep absys as others have also noted) that there are homeless without a home, there are families leaving homes becasue of the increasing rents (as a result of lack of houses ... ) so for obvious reasons your dreams and aspirations for the few do not provide hope not comfort needed to thise who do need and to whom your wasteful spendups will not assist at all in any shape or form.

Fun, fluff and irrational rants, maildrop.

Posted on 13-10-2017 08:38 | By R. Bell

all except missy probably agree Sunlive has a limited cover. So what? It is a way of voicing an opinion and feeling out opposing views, Previously unavailable. It helps for the largely elderly to exercise free speech. You may be surprised at the number of people who actually have had a chuckle with me over the years. Bring on the museum, at least then we can be seen to be making progress. Robin Bell.


Posted on 13-10-2017 08:27 | By Papamoaner

Ambivalence implies tacit approval sir, and is frequently taken as such


Posted on 12-10-2017 22:56 | By Raewyn

The nicest thing for a graveyard is flowers and the Rose garden is already there!The best place for a Museum would be at the Historic village but the Council has given the village green to the Power-board

@ maildrop

Posted on 12-10-2017 22:51 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Well said. What it does show though from the very small minority is a lack of appreciation of democracy and the boligerent attitudes prevading their minds to dare to think that becasue someone, most dont speak out that it means support for a pet project, desire or dream. meanwhile the wonders of the reams they themselves refuse adamently to pay for themselves. That alone says it all.


Posted on 12-10-2017 21:44 | By dumbkof2

can some one please tell me why this council is reluctent to hold a binding referendom on the museum. are they afraid the ratepayers will vote a resounding no. i did an informal survey of 100 people. guess what 77 people said no and only 18 said yes and 5 didnt know or didnt live here


Posted on 12-10-2017 21:42 | By groutby

...yes it does concern me also when I hear even on National (AM) news, that it "will" be a museum site. I think many yay sayers are also keen for a true and genuine (preferably binding) poll from ratepayers indeed if it to funded from such, and I will be one to then accept the result, whichever way it goes. ..the question(s) asked tho in such referendum must reveal the likely location(s) of and the funding of such a venture...but to date it seems to be though it is happening, by whom and what cost born by whom etc?..democracy brings transparency surely? let’s see democracy in action...(TCC...are you out there?)

Where are the facts

Posted on 12-10-2017 20:44 | By Sg1nz

Negative Ms A continues to talk about how people don’t want a museum, don’t want growth, don’t want a modern library. In fact I think I remember her complaining about Baywave being strengthened for earth quake protection (how quickly she forgets the deaths in Chch). But where are the facts that show this how people feel. Everything I have seen, says the exact opposite. If you want to live in a city with no growth or aspirations, why live here?

Public referedum

Posted on 12-10-2017 17:32 | By Papamoaner

These arguments could be fairly resolved by a referendum of Tauranga citizens including ratepayers. The positive thinkers in favour of the museum will, if defeated, just shrug it off and say at least we tried, then get on with life. The naysayers, when defeated, will react differently. They will never let it go. Mob psychology. But there will probably not be a referendum because, as Maildrop correctly insinuates, the numbers of interested debaters on this forum are a miniscule storm in a rather small teacup. Nevertheless probably almost as good an indicator as a Colmar Brunton poll. Now there’s a thought. Maybe TCC could task them. A lot cheaper than a referendum, and not a bad indicator. Personally, I favour a citizen’s referendum, but we must all be prepared to accept the outcome - some won’t!

Chop logic

Posted on 12-10-2017 14:48 | By maildrop

So the psychologist/mathematician Pappork thinks that those that don’t "speak out" and remain silent are FOR a museum?! History has shown that people are ambivalent towards most things and don’t voice their disapproval until it is too late. The mere mention of elections and Councils and they switch off. Just look at the turnout for elections, let alone being bothered to voice their disapproval on a specific issue. That said, that is the system, and if people don’t make their feelings known then all sorts of nonsense gets approved and they can’t complain. However, one thing is for sure - Sunlive is representative of less than 1% of the Tauranga population given the number of commenters, so how anybody can think there is a mandate based on 99%+ not being bothered to comment on Sunlive is beyond me. This "forum" is irrelevant fun fluff that proves absolutely Jack.

@ Sg1nz

Posted on 12-10-2017 13:51 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You confuse things (same as Bella and Poppa) that being knowledgeable, aware, being able to see through to the facts and being able to avoid the publicity created, the hype ceated to divert simple minds from teh truth of it is not a negative. In fact your attempts are teh "negative" here, the end game is future generations are mortgaged meaninglessly for want and desire of today.

@ About that

Posted on 12-10-2017 13:49 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Agree, the site has serious issues re building there as well as and apparently that the items to be displayed are apparently (LMAO) delicate and important... (seen better stuff at Maleme Street). But then someone wanting to have their own name on a slice of bronze ranks ahead of anyiones, anything or any reasoning otherwise.

@ Poppa-etta

Posted on 12-10-2017 13:44 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "Let’s get in behind TCC", they will never let you do that, that preserve for themselves that plac behind TCC ratepayers, dangling a carrot of the head ov a few guliable, meanwhile shafting them from behind and unseen. The effects are felt for sure but the reasons fail to make it into the public arena as that would be self destructive. God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

Convenient memories

Posted on 12-10-2017 13:28 | By rastus

It amazes me that there are those who have no memory of Tauranga’s recent past. The council a few years ago got all excited about the possibility of building a museum (not that the people had ever wanted one) over the water on the Strand. Once it was pointed out how technically stupid the idea was the following elections saw the protagonists dropped from council - several subsequent ’dipping’ of the toe on the subject have consistently shown that the people still do not want a museum - to all those who think the bulk of Tauranga residents are whingers then please feel free to move on because I for one still believe in democracy - and yes I would welcome a poll of ratepayers (who as always would be footing the bills) to settle the subject once and for all!

@ Papamoaner

Posted on 12-10-2017 13:07 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So you say that "silence" is acceptance, approval and support for whatever crazy notion is fabricated at town hall? That also assume full and complete disclosure of all the facts (does not happen, proved by your blind support shown here and to date) It is totally unacceptable to assume such nonesense. The correct thing to do if anything is to ’assume’ that no one supports a thing unless they say they do. That then forces the likes of TCC to be transparent and accountable. If that happened then these silly schemes and projects would never happen. God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

@Murray Guy

Posted on 12-10-2017 12:11 | By Papamoaner

So then, are you into small tombstones or big tombstones Murray? Or are you concerned whether they are fashioned from marble, concrete, or bitumen? Or maybe you ought to take this up with local Maori Kaumatua who are evidently backing a proposal to combine the museum site with the historic site in a dignified manner. You should talk to them and get back to us on it since you wouldn’t want people to think you are just politicking would you.

What better way to recognise and acknowledge,

Posted on 12-10-2017 11:51 | By R. Bell

Murray. With the blessing of local IWI. Remember, for donkeys years people have been trampling those memories underfoot, taking no heed of the history or pain of the ancestors of those who took part. Personally I can’t think of a more fitting memorial than a Museum. Robin Bell.

A museum on blood soaked killing fields?

Posted on 12-10-2017 11:18 | By Murray.Guy

It beggars belief that a massacre at Otamataha Pa (Cliff Rd) in 1828 of 500 - 700 local Maori, likely buried on site, in 1828, is now considered the site most worthy of building a city museum, covering in concrete and bitumen, albeit with ’token’ excavations being preserved and displayed. The deaths numbered in excess of four times the combined deaths resulting from the Battle of Gate Pa and Te Ranga, Pyes Pa, yet goes mostly unrecognized or acknowledged. Why?

Could someone

Posted on 12-10-2017 10:32 | By Theway

Please correct me if i have it wrong, but only a few years ago, most of the councilors that were for a museum were voted out? Did they worm there way back in and get it passed without anyone noticing?


Posted on 12-10-2017 08:28 | By dookie

As a ratepayer and citizen of this city, I do hope to see a museum someday. Where ever they build the museum, we do need one. Let’s not let a few moaners stop this city progressing.


Posted on 11-10-2017 22:09 | By waiknot

So we are getting a museum, when did council vote on that?


Posted on 11-10-2017 21:11 | By Raewyn

Don’t allow this park be disturbed it is a very Historic place to Tauranga and should have a plague with the History not a concrete building. we have so few gardens and parks left in downtown

Smarter choices

Posted on 11-10-2017 20:17 | By About that

At present we are faced with a problem of homelessness due to rising costs of living. Why spend millions of dollars building a museum when that money should be allocated to building low cost spec homes for families in need. The land in question is also sacred land. Respecting others past and heritage is very important if we are all to get along. I feel the money set aside for a museum should be put to better use such as putting a roof over a families head. I seen a van full of people, 2 kids, 2 adults camping out down the end of Sulphur point and got talking to them. They were living in their van because of rising everything. Sad to see. Come TCC, history is everywhere you look. We don’t need a museum to see it. Go on line or take a drive.

The usual crowd

Posted on 11-10-2017 20:00 | By Sg1nz

Great to see the council using modern technology to dig into our collective past. Imagine what a museum on this site would be like if people we were to experiance the buried elements. There is lots of space on the site for a museum, with damaging anything of significance. Apart from the usual crew that bag everything that happens in the city (lead by Ms A), most others want the 5th largest city in NZ to have the types of ammenities that are appropriate to its size.

Councils in general

Posted on 11-10-2017 16:49 | By Papamoaner

We all get angry with councils from time to time, but generally they invariably do a good job, not just TCC. In the particular case of TCC, we are lucky to have a council that is fairly forward looking and one that evidently recognises the huge potential Tauranga enjoys by virtue of an extraordinarily busy port and extraordinarily good geology, geography, interesting history and climate. Let’s get in behind TCC and make the most of it. In time, it will benefit us all in one way or another. But more importantly, benefit the community as a whole


Posted on 11-10-2017 16:39 | By Papamoaner

True, but let’s not forget the whingers and moaners perform an important measuring function without realising they are doing us a favour. Mob psychology dictates that, elections aside, communities only speak out on that which they are against, seldom that with which they agree, so this forum is equivalent to a poll. How many naysayers on here? Versus the population of Tauranga? Bloody insignificant in anybody’s language we would all have to agree. Furthermore, because those figures are shown to be consistent, in the event of a referendum, we can fairly expect a landslide in favour. Any kid who did some statistics at school would agree with that.

One down one to go!

Posted on 11-10-2017 16:31 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Now only if the same or equivolent happens downtown and the entire City hall HQ scam will be shut down finally, the CBD will then be saved.

God moves in msytious ways!

Posted on 11-10-2017 16:30 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So please to see this confirmed, another step closer to this site being off the list ... just wonderful, even though mega millions wasted already, better than the alternate, to build a waste of space new junk storage facility there. God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

@ dumbkof2, The Caveman, RawPrawn, Chookymac,

Posted on 11-10-2017 16:26 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Scoop, Bop man, Capt_Kaveman ... THANK YOU FOLKS FOR POINTING OUT WHAT OTHERS REFUSE TO ACKNOLWEDGE, THE OBVIOUS. Clearly the usual suspects bang on the same drum despite the obvious. There were others here prior to "current’ europeans, and others, so dont be surprised if the evidence reveals more than part maori tribal


Posted on 11-10-2017 16:22 | By If only

Couldn’t have said it better myself...especially about the usual bunch of ’naysayers’ that continually pop up on Sunlive with negativity over flowing !. Tauranga is NZ’s 5th largest (and obviously growing), city and is devoid of many of the amenities a progressive city should have (I suspect the silent majority would agree...but obviously not the whingers below !)

We, we, we, what you all mean is

Posted on 11-10-2017 15:42 | By R. Bell

I, I, I, I, over and over again. Same crowd, same comments. No matter where the new museum is placed, it is a joint venture. All the citizens of Tauranga, Its surrounding districts, local businesses and central government, not to forget the ratepayers, whose contribution is always appreciated. Tangata Whenua seem fine with it What more do we, we, we need. Robin Bell.

Congratulations on a Good bit of research guys

Posted on 11-10-2017 15:21 | By Papamoaner

Local maori already knew about it, but this survey neatly confirms it. It would make good sense to design the museum around the site in a way that will enable the site to be on display without damaging it. Local maori will want to be included as already indicated, and should be part of the planning and design process. The naysayers will be baying from their kennels as usual, but are an insignificant minority we can ignore. I think we will find Tauranga citizens will be right behind this including ratepayers. Why? Because we by and large have an intelligent community with forward vision. Those old parochial blinkers of days gone by are now long gone apart from just a few.

leave it

Posted on 11-10-2017 14:54 | By dumbkof2

another good reason why we dont want a white elephant museum. when is this council and a few ego trippers going to get it into their heads that we dont want a museum. go build it somewhere else if you want one. about 100 miles away

Anybody with any knowledge of early Tauranga

Posted on 11-10-2017 14:52 | By The Caveman

would know that the land in question was the site of pre-European Maori settlement and the site of a large Pa in the late 1700’s early, 1800’s, and as such there would likely be Maori burial sites in the area.

Yes, Yes, Yes

Posted on 11-10-2017 14:34 | By RawPrawn

What a wonderful idea! Let’s build a museum - because soooooo many people want it - on land now subject to a possible tangata whenua claim, on top of a steep cliff and right next to a ground-shaking railway line. Yes, yes, yes aren’t we clever!!!


Posted on 11-10-2017 14:28 | By Chookymac

We have enough museum piece in the city council building already with the way some of them think

Time to look elswhere for a museum site

Posted on 11-10-2017 14:20 | By Scoop

If this site is proven to be of national significance surely the next step will an application to the Historic Places Trust to protect it, meaning the possibility of invasive earthworks would be next to impossible.

When will it sink in

Posted on 11-10-2017 14:07 | By Bop man

WE DO NOT WANT A SPECIFICALLY BUILT MUSEUM......How about retro fit an existing building if a Museum is needed. How about the old post office building no need to waste money building a new premises. Stop wasting rate payer money.


Posted on 11-10-2017 13:59 | By Capt_Kaveman

this council always finds ways to spend money where not needed, just leave it there and go somewhere else