Plans in place to dispose of whale

The whale carcass was removed last night. Supplied photo.

Department of Conservation staff are today working with Tauranga Moana iwi to make arrangements to dispose of a 14-metre whale, which was carried into Tauranga Harbour on the front of a container vessel.

The whale, believed to be a Bryde’s whale, was dead when the ship berthed yesterday.

The container vessel came from Brisbane and it is not known where it encountered the whale.

Department of Conservation Tauranga Rotorua District Operations Manager Jeff Milham says it appears to have just been an unfortunate incident at sea.

DOC staff removed the carcase from the ship late yesterday afternoon and secured it in a safe location in Tauranga Harbour overnight.

“We are now working with Tauranga Moana iwi to arrange for an appropriate location for the carcase to be disposed of,” says Jeff.

Subject to having an appropriate site, the whale carcase was likely to be moved on full tide today.

About Bryde’s whales

There are no agreed population estimates for Bryde’s whales in any ocean basin, but possibly in the tens of thousands worldwide.

They are considered locally common in New Zealand waters, where they feed on schooling fish and krill.

They reach 12-15 metres in length and a weight of 13-22 tons, with females being larger than males.

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If anyone...

Posted on 09-10-2017 18:51 | By GreertonBoy

can make use of it, go for it I say... let them take it and do whatever they want with it. Otherwise drop it out at sea as mentioned. I believe it must have been sick to have been hit, but these days there is alot of ’noise’ in the oceans which can disorientate whales and dolphins, which can explain some beachings and strange behaviour. Prior to all of the mechanical and especially electro-mechanical boats, the ocean was a quiet place.... not so any more.


Posted on 06-10-2017 12:14 | By Me again

you are so right. But tell you what why don’t you go and tell those maoris that they have no rights to it, instead of putting up here. Never know they might ask you for your views on the matter. And I agree with dumbkof.

Waste not want not..

Posted on 06-10-2017 10:09 | By Sandra77

Feed the homeless!!

G Boy

Posted on 06-10-2017 07:06 | By Capt_Kaveman

yip tow it to sea and let natures sea life deal with it

Cause the Maori want it

Posted on 05-10-2017 22:31 | By Tgaboy

Apparently they are entitled to dead whales. Like they owned it. Like it was always theirs. Stupid really. But you know, they also believe Mount Maunganui wondered down to where it is from inland and was helped by bush fairies. So let’s just humour them.

Agree with dumbkof

Posted on 05-10-2017 18:56 | By GreertonBoy

When the ship leaves and gets out to deep water stop the ship and back it up for a bit until the whale washes off? Whales do die at sea and all of the other creatures eat it.... by burying it on land simply wastes resources and also rips off the sea creatures that depend on carrion like this? Why are the people in charge always seemingly so thick?

Plans in place?

Posted on 05-10-2017 15:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Oh like dig a hole, chuck it in, cover up ... a cunning plan indeed!


Posted on 05-10-2017 15:16 | By dumbkof2

just tow it out to sea and let nature dispose of it