Permanent fix sought for Mauao track

The April slip undermined a 14-metre section of the base track. Supplied photo.

Tauranga City Council is looking for a supplier to complete the detailed design and consenting for the realignment of a 250-metre section of the Mauao base track.

The track was damaged by a significant slip after ex-Cyclone Debbie swept through the Bay of Plenty in April.

In June, the council approved funding of up to $2.2 million to reroute the track along the beachfront, past the statue of Tangaroa. This new section of track will bypass slip-prone slopes, creating a long-term solution that will be easier and less costly to repair.

“Designing and consenting this new section of track will be a complex process. Mauao is of huge importance to the community, and the site has high cultural and archaeological significance. It’s important to get this right,” says parks and recreation manager Mark Smith.

After a designer is appointed, the council will be able to provide a timeline for completing the work.

Requests for Proposal close at 2pm on October 31.

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Miss Adventure - Strange synopsis?

Posted on 05-10-2017 22:54 | By Bill Gibson-Patmore

I will wait until a professional engineering report is provided before forming an opinion on this matter. ... However, I do suggest that one who cannot even spell reasonably, is likely not the right person to be telling the world how, when and where remedial work should be undertaken. ... Bill.

While not totally in agreement with

Posted on 05-10-2017 22:47 | By The Caveman

Yes, MISS ADVENTURE, I do have to say that in the 1960’s & 1970’s, to-days so called problem of track erosion was never a problem. All of the "tracks" on the Mount were just that - TRACKS - and 99% of them were basically covered in vegetation, to the point that if you met somebody coming the other way - it was squeeze to pass. None of today’s "wide" walkways (that mean that you can take "baby buggy" all the way around). In my day it was CARRY the little kids or don’t even think about it. The vegetation is now cut back to the point its like a walk in the park. There is now no doubt that lack of "track side" vegetation and the water run-off in heavy rain is now causing the current track collapses .


Posted on 05-10-2017 14:30 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The issue is either: - Ocean related, waves, sea etc and nothing to protect the bank below the tracks or to many trees removed so the bank collapses anyway. Solutions: - plant trees, place ’boulders’ (large or very large’ to protect the base of the track or move the track up the hill significantly. The issue with the latter is that the NW side of the Mount is ratehr steep already, placing a track somewhere will have to be elivated and would need to have a rock base to it to avoid being washed out again. This is gunna cost ... if it does not then it will have to be revisited sooner and later to do it all again.