Arrest made in motorcycle theft

The van believed to have been involved in the theft of Mike Hamilton’s 1973 Norton Commando (pictured) has been located. Photo: Jacqui P Thomas/Focused on Life Photography.

A man has been arrested after a van suspected of being involved in the theft of a motorcycle from the Greerton Village Cherry Blossom Festival was located.

A reader spotted the van on Fraser Street at around 11am on Monday, recognising the van and the plates from the story on SunLive.

“I saw the van on the side of the road – they were dropping someone off at the doctors on Fraser Street.”

The man, who owns Commando motorcycles himself, phoned police and followed the vehicle south through the city, until police stopped the van outside the Greerton Marist Rugby Club.

A police spokesperson confirms they located the vehicle.

“A 43-year-old man was arrested in relation to the incident. He has been bailed and is due to appear in court on Friday. 

“Further enquiries are ongoing to locate the bike.”

The $15,000 1973 Norton Commando belonging to Mike Hamilton was last seen being wheeled into a green van during the festival on Sunday.

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Posted on 03-10-2017 20:00 | By morepork

The article doesn’t say the bike was recovered. It says "further enquiries are ongoing to locate the bike." While the fellow Commando owner’s action was commendable, the only satisfactory outcome from this is for the victim to get his bike back undamaged, and the miscreant to suffer the consequences of his crime.


Posted on 03-10-2017 17:14 | By Waylon

Give that man a cigar !! Well done, great spotting !

Yes, great outcome

Posted on 03-10-2017 14:39 | By GreertonBoy

Glad the owner got his bike back. Thank goodness crooks are generally pretty thick... greedy, but stupid. I cant believe he got bail tho? What on earth does someone have to do to actually get thrown in jail?

Stupid behaviour

Posted on 03-10-2017 13:54 | By clingon

How dim-witted do you have to be to think you can steal a motorbike in front of witnesses and still drive the vehicle the next day in the same area after the theft has been publicised over all social medias including a detailed description of the van. Needs to go to prison for being stupid....


Posted on 03-10-2017 12:58 | By overit

Excellent outcome. Thank you to the diligent observers.

Norton Motor Bike

Posted on 03-10-2017 12:17 | By Denny G

So pleased for the owner. Hope they throw the book at the scumbag who stole it.