Motorcycle stolen at blossom festival

Mike Hamilton taking part in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride on his 1973 Norton Commando. Photo: Jacqui P Thomas/Focused on Life Photography.

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One visitor to Saturday’s Greerton Village Cherry Blossom Festival had his experience marred when his rare motorcycle was stolen.

Mike Hamilton’s 1973 Norton Commando motorbike was last seen being wheeled into a green van near the school during the festival.

He says he came down to the festival to check out some of the classic cars and a friend’s concept bike, leaving his own motorcycle monetarily unattended – albeit in full sight of people.

“Just after 12pm I parked it behind some shops, and came back half an hour later to find it had gone. Luckily some people at the pony rides spotted the van that took it and recorded the number plates.”

A self-proclaimed classic bike enthusiast, Mike has had the Norton Commando for five years. He values it at around $15,000.

“It was a unique bike. It was like losing a family member to be honest,” he says.

“It’s a very well-known, sought after model. You wouldn’t be able to sell it and ride it around, but if someone broke it down they could make some serious money from parts.”

Mike says he’s filed a report with police, and hopes to get the bike back in one piece.

The green van’s registration is KQS728, while Mike’s 1973 Norton Commando plates are 36TXP.

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hang on a minute

Posted on 01-10-2017 15:05 | By old trucker

I had my stuff stolen at overseas terminal last week, laptop,my reading glasses and prescription sunnies, it was hard to fill out things without them, im sure who ever took them while i was sitting waiting and nodded off,will be happy,as they will not be able to use them ,hang on the laptop will be able to be used to buy you know what, luckily i have insurance,i hope mike does get his bike back and agree with By overit,should not be hard to find a green van,Sunlive Thankyou,10-4 out. phew.


Posted on 01-10-2017 13:35 | By overit

Blasted mongrels, I hope Mike you get it back. Glad you have all the details.


Posted on 01-10-2017 13:04 | By namxa

I hope they catch the mongrel/sbring back stoning I reckon. Hopefully this bloke gets his baby back. Ill be lookin sideways at every green van now