Tourists spent $171 million in Tauranga

International tourists spent $171 million in Tauranga last year. File Photo.

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As the surviving political parties negotiate with Winston Peters over forming a government, Tauranga mayor Greg Brownless is hoping at least one of New Zealand First’s pre-election policies survives the process.

That’s the policy of returning the tourism GST to the regions from which it came. For Tauranga that means about $22 million every year, says Greg.

“If you take Tauranga as an area, last year there was $171 million spent by international tourists in Tauranga city. The GST on that is about $22 million. That’s every year.

“Councillors have been talking for a long time about the difficulty of funding things from just rates. And the government has had record revenues from things like tourism and none of that gets back to us to pay for all the infrastructure that makes it nice for tourists.”

These are things like visitor information centres; potentially museums, cycle ways, parks, reserves, and roading, and maybe even roadside parking and toilets.

“We have to police all that now because of the government actions over freedom camping, So we have to police all that and we get nothing for it.

The city has no direct income from tourism, says Greg. Some people pay rates who are involved in tourism, but there are a lot that don’t.

“They just come in and do tours and disappear,” says Greg. “So I just see that as a great opportunity to get alternative funding that shouldn’t affect the government at all. It’s just part of their revenue stream that they have been really enjoying rapid growth in.

“I think that is a good policy and I hope that is part of any government agreement. It would enable us to do a lot of things.

“The main point if it is us locals would benefit. We would want to encourage tourism because the more tourists we got the more money would come specifically into this area to build amenity for ourselves, not just tourists.”

He’s expecting it. It’s a New Zealand First policy and as they are going to choose the government, they have the power to do this, says Greg.

“I’m pretty hot on people keeping their promises.”

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Posted on 01-10-2017 10:35 | By Papamoaner

Spot on - you said it all. That individual was born miserable, lives miserably, wants everyone else to be miserable too, and will die miserable. Sad case. Any kind of visitor to a city or region, especially tourists, bring money into the community. Certainly, as pointed out by Capt Caveman, some cruise passengers are miserable too, but even mean tightarses will bring money in like it or not. It’s all good for the region, and hotting up more as tourism grows. As to CBD shops, it’s a worldwide trend now that big malls are killing off street shops. Ayala Mall in Cebu city is a classic example. Queensgate Mall in Lower Hutt near Wellington is another, where the main street shopping area is now dead. Go with change or perish is a centuries old rule.

Miss negative back again

Posted on 30-09-2017 22:22 | By Sg1nz

So according to the fake news Miss A, not one single dollar is attributable to Tourisum BOP. Funny when you talk to people in the industry they have a different view. And of course the actual facts from reports also make it clear what they have done to increase cruise ship visits, air travel and local travel. Some people will only be happy, ripping others down I guess.


Posted on 30-09-2017 20:39 | By The Caveman

WHO decided that the tourists spent a hundred and seventy ONE million dollars in Tauranga? Where are the figures that actually support that claim. Is it the LOCAL retailers, (hell they must be really in the money), OR is it the sell severing local tourism mob that are trying to justify their jobs. From my experience as a cruse ship passenger, there are TWO types of passengers, those that WILL spend a lot of dollars ashore in a few stops (5%) to visit specific attractions - and those that will get off the ship, walk around the local port / town area, look at and use the FREE attractions - walk around the Mount, and then by a a beer and a wine at a bar, and then head back to the ship - where they have already PAID for everything else that they want....................


Posted on 30-09-2017 17:38 | By Papamoaner

There you go again. You haven’t read the article. Or if you have, you have misunderstood it, or not understood it at all.

Tourism BOP dremaers

Posted on 30-09-2017 15:04 | By MISS ADVENTURE

What is not meantioned, is that most of the "purported" spending is in fact mostly spent outside the Tauranga area. Good examples are: - Hobbiton, Rotorua, TePuke. Other than a bit of diesel and the cut forcibly taken by TBOP little contribution results for Tauranga, walk up folks, Council thinking and spending is actually a bad thing for everyone else. God-save-the-Ratepayer,-as-no-one-else-wants-to,-10/4-out!

So much spending?

Posted on 30-09-2017 10:39 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Absolutely nothing of that is attributable to Tourism BOP yet they claim the credit for all and spend TCC ratepayers monies wildly as a result. If Tourism BOP did not exist and never did Tauranga would be a lot better off.

Not bad for a small rural village eh!

Posted on 30-09-2017 09:20 | By Papamoaner

Do the museum right and make it easy access for them and they will come. We ought to get behind Winston on this one.