Consultation opens on 110km/h proposal

The Tauranga Eastern Link.

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The NZ Transport Agency is inviting people to have their say on a proposal to introduce 110 km/h speed limits on the tolled section of the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road (SH2) and on the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway (SH1).

Over the coming month, the Transport Agency will engage with stakeholders, road users and the local community on the proposed new 110km/h limit.

The Transport Agency’s Director Safety and Environment, Harry Wilson, says people can provide their feedback through the NZ Transport Agency website, via email or by post.

“It’s important that people have the opportunity to provide feedback, and all of the input we get from stakeholders, road users and the community will be considered before a final decision is made.”

The Cambridge Expressway.

Harry says these two roads have been selected first because they are some of the best in New Zealand.

“The speed limit will only be increased to 110km/h on roads which can support higher travel speeds without compromising safety.

“Both the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway have been designed and will be maintained and operated to the necessary standards to safely support 110km/h travel speeds."

Submissions can be made via the Transport Agency website, email, or through post. Submissions close 5pm Wednesday 26 October 2017.

If implemented, the new speed limit will be in operation on the tolled section of the Tauranga Eastern Link and the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway before the end of 2017.

Any additional roads being considered for the 110km/h speed limit will also require consultation with local stakeholders, road users and the community.

Other roads that will be considered in the future include the additional sections of the Waikato Expressway (SH1), the Upper Harbour Highway (SH18) in Auckland and Kapiti Expressway (SH1) near Wellington. 

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Posted on 02-10-2017 16:31 | By Papamoaner

First, there needs to be better education advertised by LTNZ. Trailers, caravans etc should be loaded HEAVY- ON so that the rear of the towing vehicle is pressed downwards. If the trailer is loaded LIGHT- ON, it could lift the rear of the towing vehicle off the ground when going over a bump, or during braking, causing loss of steering control, inevitably leading to a jack-knife accident. That is a serious occurrence at any speed, but at 110kph is unthinkable. The mind boggles because they are supposed to be doing 90max now but many are doing 100. Same with trucks. So what will they do when the open road limit is raised? The solution might be to saturate the highways with Mufti police cars. ($$$)

About that

Posted on 01-10-2017 14:47 | By comfortablynumb

Cant see how a vehicle towing a trailer could cause congestion on an expressway PROVIDED they stick to the left hand lane. But of course there is always the odd idiot towing a trailer who hogs the right hand lane doing 90 kph or less that we all have to contend with. Personally I tow a trailer and also a caravan and I wouldnt like to travel in excess of 90 kph anyway.


Posted on 29-09-2017 12:45 | By About that

I feel raising the speed limit on certain roads only is a good idea. Most modern vehicles are more than safe enough and can easily travel safely at the recommended increased speed limit. As for the idiots who wish to speed excessively, speed limit or not, they will still do it. The only issue I see is that vehicles towing trailers may cause more congestion if they are still restricted to 90kph.


Posted on 28-09-2017 22:23 | By roseh

Some are doing that speed and more on the Tauranga one now>SO what will they do if it is 110-----130 or more?