Council gets the message from feedback

The council met with more than 850 people to raise awareness of the Long Term Plan. File photo.

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The pace of change, building communities, protecting our environment and getting around are the key themes emerging from community conversations on the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 held by the Western Bay of Plenty District Council earlier this year.

The Long Term Plan is the key document the council uses to set strategy and direction for the next 10 years.

It is revised three yearly and tracked annually.

In May, the council set out on the It’s About You LTP campaign, visiting nine communities and holding 14 community conversations to let people share their views with elected members and Council staff about what they want for the future of the district.

The council met with more than 850 people from Waihi Beach to Maketu to raise awareness of the LTP, what it means and how the community can influence the future shape of the district. Online tools were also used.

Feedback has been analysed and key topics determined for their priority district-wide, while community specific issues having also been prioritised.

Mayor Garry Webber is impressed with the wide range of issues that people brought to the table.

“Each of our communities clearly told us what’s important to them. We listened, took people’s views into account and now it is our task to determine where they sit in our future deliberations.”

While some of the community input revolved around issues outside the scope of the LTP, Garry says all would find their place somewhere in the council’s future discussions.

“The nub of the planning process is to get a feel for the things that really matter to our communities in the long term so we can do our best to set in place the building blocks to get there.’’

The next phase will be primarily focused online, with the council expanding on the key themes from the community conversations. They will also be discussing these with stakeholder groups.

This information will be online from early October at

The final phase will be a feedback process and ‘have your say’ events in March/April next year where residents can provide direction on the key LTP proposals.

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Posted on 15-09-2017 20:27 | By Papamoaner

This is the big chance for all those subjective negative moaners and whingers to Man Up and confront council and offer some constructive suggestions, albeit possibly impossible (sic). But will they take up the offer ?- NOT LIKELY! They prefer to hide in the shadows and throw dung from these threads. But true to her/his name, Missy mostly misses the target anyway. C’mon guys, follow the leader, Baaaaaa!

@Old Trucker & his adventurous new Missus

Posted on 14-09-2017 19:12 | By Papamoaner

You never cease to amaze me. I am interested to know how far ahead you think local government ought to apply their long term plan. You might also care to comment on how far National (sic) government ought to plan ahead. You can be broad and give it to us in orders of magnitude if you like. (phew)

@ old trucker

Posted on 14-09-2017 18:02 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Thanks mate, I agree all of it, The only lisitening done is if it matches and suits them on the day.


Posted on 14-09-2017 16:24 | By old trucker

They always planning 10years ahead, half of them might not be around then, BUT HANGON, they are council workers and will stick out till the end,they will not listen to us, i have a PLAN that would SAVE $20 million on infrastucture for a highway and if SOMEONE WOULD LISTEN it could be done,but ha im just JOE BLOGS and have a great brain for this stuff, and they have NO BRAIN between them ,just my thoughts on this, keep up the great comments MISS ADVENTURE, you think on my lines awesome, and Sunlive is AWESOME for the BEST NEWS, Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.


Posted on 14-09-2017 14:16 | By MISS ADVENTURE

But did they hear a word of it, except for the desired responses?