Child hit by car after stepping off bus

File photo.

Bay of Plenty Police are reminding motorists of the 20km/h speed limit around stationary school buses after a child was hit yesterday on Ngahina Road, Ruatoki.

The school bus had pulled over to drop off a nine-year-old boy around 3.15pm.

The boy stepped out from the back of the bus to cross the road and was hit by an oncoming car.

“Thankfully the young boy had minor injuries, but this could have easily been a fatal crash,” says Sergeant Ray Wylie, Bay of Plenty Road Policing team. 

“This is a timely reminder for people to slow down and stay alert to ensure our young people get to and from school safely.

“The 20km/h speed limit when passing a stopped school bus is enforced for a reason, drivers need to be ready and able to stop when driving around children.

"Please make sure you are doing your part in keeping our kids safe by driving to the conditions, reducing your speed and staying alert.”

Police enquiries are ongoing in relation to the crash.

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WAKE UP! They are children for god's sake.

Posted on 14-09-2017 19:46 | By Papamoaner

Awaroa is correct. This is a serious and important law, old and well advertised. There is NO EXCUSE. Kids are kids and no matter how well trained, are liable to forget themselves and run across a road suddenly. It matters not where the bus is. If it has stopped in ANY position that enables a kid to run out onto the road unexpectedly, then you MUST NOT exceed 20kph when passing. Also, remember that if you kill a child in that situation, you and the kid’s family will never get over it. My view is don’t give a stuff about the idiot tailgating you - put your hazard lights on if he does that. Similarly, I see some idiots are lately behaving badly at pedestrian crossings where we MUST wait till fully crossed unless there is a chicane.


Posted on 14-09-2017 08:52 | By dumbkof2

what part of 20 kph dont you understand. regardless of where the bus is 20kph maxium speed when passing a stationery school bus

Awaroa and Dumkof2

Posted on 13-09-2017 20:32 | By mutley

You both need reading lessons. I am supporting this law which I described as reasonable. I was attempting to point out that it is very poorly observed all over the place and it should be - especially at the SH2 site that I described. At TePuna the buses stop in an area just beside SH2 yet the traffic does not slow down at all. That is the point I was trying to make yet drew abuse from the ignorant. Awaroa - I live on a country road where the bus is always stopping and I rigorously observe the rule. Get over yourself.

It is also...

Posted on 13-09-2017 18:26 | By GreertonBoy

Not out of the realm or being reasonable, for a bus driver as he pulls over, to look in his/her mirrors and say to the kids getting off "Careful, there is 2 cars coming from behind us, so look before you cross the road" .... or, "The road looks clear behind us at the moment, but make sure it is safe before you cross" .... Children are often very excitable and forget basic things like safety... so parents waiting on the other side of the road (so the kid has to cross) can be alleviated by the parent waiting on the side the kid gets out. Sorry for the double post, but my point is this is a TEAM problem. Teach the kids, parents, bus drivers, motorists all to get along and respect each other, the occasional cop riding the bus watching motorists/kids behaviour would be telling too


Posted on 13-09-2017 18:14 | By GreertonBoy

Children need to be taught to exit the bus and stay on that side of the road until the bus goes, then cross when safe? To me, if a kid jumps off the bus and immediately runs across the road without looking put themselves at risk of being hit and I dont think the driver hitting the child is in the wrong every time in this type of case. Yes, the law needs to exist and yes, I have slowed down or stopped to let buses out and been passed by irate drivers.... been flashed and honked at for slowing down... that is why I have dash cams... but fundamentally, the children need to be taught not to run across the road as soon as they get off, and bus drivers should say to kids "Stay on this side of the road until I drive off"


Posted on 13-09-2017 16:21 | By dumbkof2

mutley. dosnt matter how far off the road the bus is .law states 20kph and yes any prudent driver would slow down


Posted on 13-09-2017 16:16 | By awaroa

what a stupid statement.. You must be one of those twits who drives past a stationary bus at speeds greater than 20kms ’because the law is not clear enough’ for you. Use some common sense mate. Think ’what if’ a child was to get off the bus and run across the road, are you able to stop before hitting the child. Simple mate. Your post bloody annoyed me.

Law needs clarifying and publicising

Posted on 13-09-2017 13:48 | By mutley

While this is a reasonable law it is not at all clearly defined. How far off the road does the bus need to be before the 20 km/h does not apply? Does it really apply to both sides of the road ?So at Te Puna (opposite Mr McGregors) where the buses are half on the road and half off, do both lanes of SH2 have to slow down to 20 km/h? - they sure as hell don’t.Like other commenters I have had bad experiences slowing down to a genuine 20 km/h. Once the bus thought I as stopping to let it go, pulled out in front, and ground its way very slowly up the road while I had to wait behind. This needs some work.

slow down

Posted on 13-09-2017 12:23 | By dumbkof2

i slowed down to 20 ks the other day for a school bus and some stupid idiot passed me and the bus doing way over 50 ks unfortunately i was too shocked to get a rego no


Posted on 13-09-2017 10:18 | By comfortablynumb

I always make sure I slow to 20kph when passing a stationary school bus, but on more than one occasion have looked in my rear view mirror to see a vehicle come at speed from nowhere and then tailgate me passing the bus.If that wasn’t stupid enough then go on to overtake once I’ve cleared the bus and disappear into the distance way over the speed limit even in the wet!I glad this child wasn’t seriously injured by this idiot. A hefty fine and a driving ban please.

I'm one of the few

Posted on 13-09-2017 10:11 | By simple.really

who ALWAYS drive at 20 kmph passing a stationary school bus ( on either side of the road). Everyday I get tooted and yelled at for doing so. This part of the law is never policed. I’ve also seen Police driving 90kmph past a stationary school bus on the SH. Would love to see some response from the Police. It’s only a matter of time until another child is killed unfortunately.