Construction starts on $2.5m project

Construction has begun on a $2.5 million project to install a range of treatments aimed at keeping motorcyclists safer on the Northern Coromandel Loop.

Safer Rides, the multi-agency project, builds on a pilot undertaken in 2014 on the Southern section of the loop.

NZ Transport Agency Director Safety and Environment, Harry Wilson says the goal of the Safer Rides project is to reduce the number of motorcyclists dying or being seriously injured on the popular route.

“The 190km Northern section of the loop on SH25 between Thames and Hikuai, is a popular route with motorcyclists because of the challenges it provides. Sadly it has a disproportionately high number of motorcyclists dying or being seriously injured."

Between 2012 and 2016 two per cent of the vehicles that travel on the route were motorcycles but they represented 50 per cent of all fatalities.

ACC Head of Injury Prevention Isaac Carlson says "we want to make the road friendlier for motorcyclists by making a range of improvements to the road itself. We’ll also continue to help riders better prepare for the unique challenges of riding in the Coromandel with rider training”.

“The focus of the project is simple – to help keep riders on their bikes, but if they do come off to make those crashes survivable.  And if they need medical treatment, getting them access to it as quickly as possible.”

The safety improvements should be completed by mid-December and include: safety barriers, improvements to the road surface and drainage features, signs before sharp corners, sealing rural property entrances to prevent loose gravel from straying onto the road, and rescue helicopter landing sites.

Innovative road markings were installed earlier this year and are being evaluated.

Harry says these initiatives were trialled on the Southern Coromandel loop and we have had some good feedback from riders.

“Although it is too soon to say whether they have reduced the number of motorcyclist deaths and serious injuries.”

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Posted on 23-09-2017 07:41 | By Capt_Kaveman

wonder if loose metal as a major impact as sometimes after sealing they dont come back to take the remaining gravel

Wire rope suicides?

Posted on 13-09-2017 09:52 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Would seem a good idea to remove teh wire ropes I am sure that they dont leave a pretty mess after a skid across the road.