Police launch te reo based car

Counties Manakau Police Pouwhakataki Sergeant Tama Morehu and Kaumatua Brownie Rauwhero.

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A specially designed car featuring koru will be out and about in Counties Manukau from today, to show NZ Police support for Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori and revitalising Te Reo.

"We wanted to do something visible to show our support of Te Reo Maori and highlight our commitment to recruiting more Maori in Tamaki Makaurau, and across Aotearoa," says Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

"We are passionate about reflecting the communities we serve and working with Iwi to achieve better outcomes for Maori".

"Being able to speak more than one language is a valuable skill as a Police officer. If you care enough to be a cop and want to make a difference in our communities, nau mai, haere mai ki te tuhonutanga a nga whanau pirihimana.

During the week Mai FM will run a ‘back seat cop’ promotion in conjunction with Nga Pirihimana o Aotearoa, with presenters being out and about with Te Reo speaking officers.

Assistant Commissioner Wally Haumaha, Deputy Chief Executive Maori says the aim is to encourage the use of Te Reo Maori right across the organisation

"The more we can do to effectively communicate the better, and there are a number of instances where having an officer able to speak Te Reo and understand tikanga has really been advantageous in resolving situations."

A career with police opens the door to more than 30 career paths such as working as a Detective, Iwi Liaison Officer, Dog Handler or Youth Aid Officer.

Over the next 12 months, Police will hire 650 recruits.

About 126 of those new officers will be working in Counties Manukau.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori is organised by the Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori.

This year’s theme is Kia ora Te Reo Maori literally translates to "let the Maori Language live". The theme was chosen to celebrate New Zealand’s indigenous greeting, and as the words ‘Kia Ora’ are an exact description of the intent of the new partnerships for Te Reo Maori revitalisation between the Crown and Maori under the new Maori Language Act 2016.

Police encourage anyone interested in a career with Nga Pirihimana to visit

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The part tribal party?

Posted on 30-09-2017 11:59 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The voters have spoken that is obvious, some take a little longer to realise the result, the meaning and future consequence of it. Give them time.

@ NZer

Posted on 30-09-2017 11:33 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Be careful, Robin is "THE" expert on twisting and turning all and anything upside down or whatever to suit his own story and agenda. Reality does not come into that unless by accident. It is actually a waste of good qulaity peoples time to debate anything really. The prime reason is that Robin leaps from anywhere to the desired answer in less than a split second. All required to justify that is created to fill teh gap. Any facts,evidence, truth is ignored or if must obsessively argued about at a nonsense level. As you can see youare weasting your time stating the truth and obvious.


Posted on 29-09-2017 16:20 | By NZer

It is not my wish but the wish of Maori themselves not to have a Maori party so dont try and twist the facts. Maori have shown that they do not wish to have a Maori party and they want to be like everybody else and have a party represent them that is not based on just race. The Maori voters have spoken. Are you listening to them?

@ Trinketa Bell #2

Posted on 29-09-2017 16:09 | By MISS ADVENTURE

It is clear that the Moari Party is history, the look on Flavels face reminded me of Honi from 2014, both looks were absolutely wonderful look of shock, horror and disbelief that they have been dumped. If Honi didnt believe it in 2014 then a repeat dose in 2017 + Flavel surely should have got the message through loud and clear now. They are dumped, they are gone and long with that is only one item left in the way and that is acceptance o the obvious for part maori and Mana parties, dead, gone buried!

The Maori party is just that,

Posted on 28-09-2017 19:34 | By R. Bell

a political party. It hasn’t disappeared, it still exists. Seven Maori seats still exist, back in their traditional base Labour. Where have you been Nzer? Don’t be so eager to get your wishes, you may well find things reverse in three years time. I see Winny is backing down big time. Robin Bell.


Posted on 28-09-2017 18:14 | By NZer

Even Maori dont agree with you Robin. Otherwise you would still would have a Maori party. Clearly Maori dont want a Maori party!

As a matter of fact overit,

Posted on 28-09-2017 15:28 | By R. Bell

Maori have made a better job of assimilation, than many non Maori. Clearly total assimilation is impossible. Robin Bell.

Read the book, overit.

Posted on 28-09-2017 15:16 | By R. Bell

Then and only then will you be able to make meaningful comment on this subject. Just to remind you, ------- Maori and the State. Professor Richard S Hill. Victoria Uni. Wellington. Robin Bell.


Posted on 28-09-2017 13:21 | By overit

But Maoris have assimilated Robin.

Actually yes missy,

Posted on 28-09-2017 08:40 | By R. Bell

the Maori seats were certainly intended by the colonial gov’ts to be temporary, on the misguided assumption that Maori would assimilate with non Maori. Never ever happened, it was an impossible dream of Victorian arrogance. Maori are here, they deserve their culture, their language AND their political representation. No rear guard action by you or your tiny support group can stop it. Robin Bell.

Off track again

Posted on 27-09-2017 18:25 | By Centurion

So, like many a thread on Sunlive, this one has also degenerated into a name-calling slanging match by the usual suspects. It would be lovely to stay on subject for a while.

@ Trinketa Bell

Posted on 27-09-2017 16:43 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Lovely story, actually no the Part tribal based seats were meant to be abolished well before 1900, check NZ’s "actual" history not that desired.

A little education for N.zer and missy.

Posted on 27-09-2017 08:37 | By R. Bell

All Maori representation in N.Z. is race based. The Maori seats are a legal right. All of the Maori seats are now with Labour. Democracy at work . Maori have chosen. The Maori party still exists and will rise again or not. As long as Maori decide the outcome and not the racist minority, no problem. Race based, does not equate to racism, it is an inevitable result of the birth of this nation. Racism in this context is when non Maori decide the political future of a race they neither like or understand. M.M.P. YOU ASKED FOR IT. Robin Bell.

Racist Maori Party

Posted on 26-09-2017 17:06 | By NZer

Looks like the people have spoken about race based political partys. No more Maori party. Thats what happens when you are too arrogant Robin.....

@ Poppa-ta-rata

Posted on 26-09-2017 16:07 | By MISS ADVENTURE

yes I am being "deliberately" so, if being honest and truthful 100% means being disrespectiful as you hear or see it then to bad. harden up mate.


Posted on 25-09-2017 22:37 | By Papamoaner

I hope you weren’t being deliberately disrespectful to Te Ururoa Flavell. He was one of the nicest people in politics, and an energetic contributor. In any event, we don’t kick a good man when he’s down if we have any decency.

The real blessing for our future,

Posted on 25-09-2017 15:40 | By R. Bell

is in the continued education of the previously deceived and therefore ignorant. Excluding missy of course who enjoys being deceived. The Treaty. Described by David Lange as " Our nations most unifying symbol". By Queen ’ Liz " a legacy of promise". Who can deny such lofty descriptions? missy of course and his little band of wannabee racist, never to be anything but losers. Good for a giggle though. By the way loser, Tamati Coffey and the rest of the Maori seats all went to Labour, their traditional home. The Maori Party will be back with new people like Dr Lance O’ Sullivan. Can’t wait Robin Bell.

@ Trinka Bell

Posted on 25-09-2017 13:20 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Sorry mate, read it again ... Flavish and co-horts are all gone, buried and the part maori party is dead in the water, buried, gone and over. What a wonderful blessing for NZ’s future. You will see the error of the ways all in good time, I appreciate that the changes that are coming are hard to see but just wait. If you cant see what is happening then when the brick bat arrives perhaps ratehr than over reacting maybe "thinking - looking - learning" then might be a better option.

Wrong again missy.

Posted on 24-09-2017 18:36 | By R. Bell

Tamati actually won the seat. Just finished celebrating, Te reo was in full swing last night. One day you may get something right for a change. Robin Bell.

@ Tinka Bell

Posted on 24-09-2017 13:52 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks like your mate in Rotorua and co-hort radicals have at last got the push. Certainly overdue and very much deserved, just hoped it would be a lot sooner and before the considereable damage to equality went to far astray.

@ Tinka Bella

Posted on 21-09-2017 19:29 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Sorry you seem to be a bit lost there, the conversaation is about the rort upon the majority of NZ, the writins of Sir A Ngati confirm all you need to understand and so adjust your reality to the actual reality. You have a long way to go, you best get started, sooner the better. Dont worry about your future mate, Winny will sort it all out.

smooth over ?

Posted on 19-09-2017 19:11 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Oh sorry folks, that is what our mates Bella and Pappeta trying to do. yes the wrong end of the stock indeed.

Your a

Posted on 19-09-2017 10:22 | By R. Bell

another great comment, my coffee break was memorable this morning. Thanks. Robin Bell.

Misty Missy

Posted on 19-09-2017 09:36 | By Papamoaner

He/she is all foggy and blurry again this morning. Puff puff wobble and sway Priming the brain to have a good day.

Character traits and the end of the stick.

Posted on 19-09-2017 08:25 | By R. Bell

The character traits of missy are seemingly sacrosanct. Recourse to pseudo science, avoiding psychologically uncomfortable truth, moving of subject matter, and many other irrational actions. The best yet," dumbing down" this revelation when more people in the nation and the world are better educated than EVER. His form of anarchy is a better measure of who is dumb and who is not. Time to move the goalposts again missy. Robin Bell. "truth addict".

Bell-lecka Addiction

Posted on 18-09-2017 18:34 | By MISS ADVENTURE

A word from the wise, you should be trying to smooth over everything, white wash it and so make everything look all nice, clean shiny and new ... the more said ehre the more that is revealed.

Radical controversion by missy.

Posted on 18-09-2017 15:32 | By R. Bell

1.Conspiracy theories 2.Cherry picking. 3. False experts. 4. Moving the goalposts. 5. Other fallacious " information". 6. The refusal to accept empirical, verifiable facts. All symptoms of denialism and missy’s choice to deny reality, a way to avoid psychologically uncomfortable truth. The employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of "legitimate" debate.When there is none, zilch, kaput. Robin Bell.

Bella Addiction

Posted on 18-09-2017 11:33 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Least we forget the creative dreams of all shades of Orange. Email arrived recently, says it all about the corruption that abounds. The destruction of the education systems and falling results that will impact all. No use dumbing down the results so enough pass, that places all in a dreamland place. Better to look at why rather than getting the rubber stamp out regandless, just for numbers.

Keep digging missy,

Posted on 17-09-2017 15:58 | By R. Bell

That last one was your best yet, if nothing else proof positive of Papamoaners excellent profile of you. Shifting the " conversation" ( your fave trick) from one subject to another, simply puts you further in the hole. You have company of course, at last count around .07 of 1% buried by self provided bull****, butler, baker and the new candlestick maker, oakley. You should have heaps of fun down there. Make it a big hole though, lots of crap books to follow. Robin Bell.

@ Peppta

Posted on 17-09-2017 15:36 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I would like to think that you know the difference between "Miss" and "Mr". Please confirm your orientation and also your understanding is clear and "straight"? Else you msut be bent and perhaps broken?

Entitlements - see part 1

Posted on 17-09-2017 15:34 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The tax advantages for part tribe based interests also shows the reasons for th shortfalls, not payign a fair share. tribe based trusts have only 17.5% tax where as all others are 33% (see Inland Revenue website) that si almost a 50% subsidy from teh rest of teh NZ economy. Add to that teh raft of tribal setups apparently for tribe members... that operate on a tax free basis but in most cases the "tribe" members have not seen a penny. Just a few have benefited and got to be wealthy fat-cats over it without paying a fair shre of tax. Game-set-match again Bella, how do you plead?


Posted on 17-09-2017 15:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

It is my view that you are cherry-picking the answers you desire and in so doing your responses here are selective indeed of that which you wish to have as the answer. This is indeed sad to see as the view taken reflects a serious self interest and serious self indulgence affiction. The desired answer is simply justified by picking what supports (even to the point of creative as go), and ignoring all other facts, evidence and science etc that si real, fact and evidence based. These character traits are very much reflective of an addiction and/or an addictive personality.

NZ Population aspirations?

Posted on 17-09-2017 15:07 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The real NZ mix is indeed diverse and mixed, on that score NZ part Maori are just that also. To measure the "true" ethenticity one must look past who has ticked a box+a healthy desired margin added to enhance a self beneficial cause. In NZ there is not one single >50% provable blood line living today. In fact it is extremely unlikely that in 1840 that there was either. So if the 15% is tin "fact" true then you would then need to apply the % of the blood line to get the truth, you do like the actual "truth" dont you? So if say the average is 30% (very high) then x15% gives you at best 4.5%, at this time the mix average of being around 18-22% would give at best give 3%, When you look at the language statistics then this reflects the interest there as well.

Entitlements - see part 2

Posted on 17-09-2017 14:55 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Currently NZ taxpayer squanders around 20% more than received in from the "so called" tribal economy. So the imbalance and preference is already there. That does not even recognise the huge and wasteful monies spent extra on language and that most of the cost of NZ Police/jails revolves around a miniority of the NZ population. Nioether does it account for teh raft fo tax free or reduced tax benefits for tribal interests. game-set-match Bella!

@ Bella - adiction

Posted on 17-09-2017 14:49 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Yes you are correct, but i am concerned that you still have the wrong end of the stick here, It is the NZ taxpayer who has lost out here, big-time. lands, money, rights and all. When you get to that point then all the myhts and dreaming will have been rehabed.

Overit you are not helping,

Posted on 17-09-2017 13:41 | By R. Bell

to resolve an issue of national importance. Treaty money has absolutely nothing to do with social responsibility. It is compensation for stolen land. Maori make up 15% of our population.They are entitled to 15% of any budget. Fifteen % of $ 83billion = $12.45billion. Surely there is room there for a program of language enhancement, without your constant chirping criticism. Or is it some form of racial resentment? Robin Bell.


Posted on 17-09-2017 13:38 | By Papamoaner

At least this guy is not as bad as that other dangerous narcissist we were up against on other threads and has now evaporated. This guy here is just an uncomplicated simple idiot with barely sufficient grey matter to qualify as a bigot, and that’s praising him/her.

@ Bella-addict

Posted on 17-09-2017 13:34 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "addicted to the truth", to clarify that for you, an addict is a thing that craves and desires something on a repeatative basis even though that goal will never be attained and that the end result will be a downward spiral to obivion. Obviosus example: meth addition. The desire for ... actually means you are chasing phantoms for now. So my advice to you, keep on trying, learning and striving with your addiction and resulting habits. When you realise the folly of that and get through rehab then return to reality and the facts. You iwll then be a new and better person for it all, good luck.


Posted on 17-09-2017 13:30 | By Papamoaner

What are these "claims to fame" you keep referring to?? I am probably the LEAST famous individual around here. You do yourself no credit at all by being a liar. There is nothing worse than a liar in the general scheme of things. You are therefore nothing - a nonentity! You actually contribute nothing to these debates, a mere irritant. Spelling is as important as reading and writing, by no means trivial. How can you argue about languages with that sub cultural level of incompetence?As to HR, it is extremely disrespectful to mimic our maori people in the way you do. You clearly respect nobody. It will come back to bite you one of these days.

Satisfaction comes from letting missy

Posted on 17-09-2017 12:05 | By R. Bell

dig his own grave. Thanks papamoaner, but he is right on one point, I am an addict. I’m unashamedly addicted to the truth. On this subject the truth is, there is an increase in te reo users 15 - 24 yr olds, 25 - 34 yr olds and 35 - 44yr olds add up to 28.2% of Maori. Te Kupenga ( Ak Uni) report 257,500 are either proficient or almost able to converse. The false negative from "miss-information" simply gives me more resolve. Some like "miss leading" rely on the 2013 census that showed a decrease due to the old people dying and insufficient data.Never reached 10%, only in "miss-interprets" mind. Robin Bell.

@ Peppa dramatic

Posted on 17-09-2017 11:48 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Love to have a HR issue raised, what I have said is the truth of it, bring it on I say. Your reaction, no claims of mysterious and mythical polls and claims to fame are missing in action on this one. So instead back to the person ... lost again. Spelling, back to thw person ... lost again! Do you see the pattern? I would have to congratulate you on one aspect, You have yet to reach the far-fetched and mystical depths of Master Bella, ther is therefore hope.

@ Pappa

Posted on 17-09-2017 11:40 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Spelling is a trival thing, simply and easily distracts you to nothingness. Meanwhile the real stuff passes on by.

@ overit

Posted on 17-09-2017 11:36 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Learning starts at home, no money required just quality time and effort.


Posted on 16-09-2017 09:16 | By Papamoaner

Who the hell do you think you are making derogatory comments about other people’s aural abilities when you can’t even spell the most simple words correctly yourself. Your education was clearly pathetic. You also come precipitously close to prosecution under the race relations act if somebody lodges a formal complaint with the conciliator (I hope they do). You are not only an exceptionally crude racist, but also ignorant and arrogant. A truly nasty piece of work. Shame on you (if indeed you know what that means, let alone spell it)


Posted on 15-09-2017 19:01 | By overit

I am astounded how many millions are thrown at Te Reo. Come on Maori folk, if you want it, and want it taught to your tamariki, use some TOW money. Stop wasting good money.

@ Master Bella-addict

Posted on 15-09-2017 14:16 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "preservation of it", all indications are that only a minority (<10%) can be bothered with it, most have no interest at all. I can understand that as it provides no real benefit economically, interleclually or to life. Simply put the Te Reo created of today has little to do with NZ history, it is a creation of recent times and was ’made-up’ from the missionary scribing to paper for teh first time the words of yester-year. Those words and writings of some 100-150 years ago bare no resemblance to Te Reo now. Interestingly that means there is no historical significance even for part Maori to recite and repeat it, hence the realisation of that simple fact reflects in the stats, fluent speakers of this lingo are dropping. The best place to learn a mother tongue is at home, families arent interested then game over!

Runa mile

Posted on 15-09-2017 14:10 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Neither could do it so neither can be cops right? Or is there a special rule there to?

@ GreertonBoy

Posted on 15-09-2017 14:09 | By MISS ADVENTURE

There are two versions as a rsult of translation first: "Fuu-ahey-bro" or second, "Where can I get me one of dem cars, fuu-ahey-bro"


Posted on 14-09-2017 14:31 | By Papamoaner

A bad example of it was the one I gave earlier ie; Ngati Poneke for Port Nicholson which sounds pathetic to me. Maori people have such good humour that they can sometimes unwittingly damage their language for example Takai Awee for Takeaway food, and before you know it, it becomes usage.So all languages mutate as you pointed out. If you wish to prevent it for historical reasons, you need to preserve it as a special Language. In the general scheme of things, we are all pulling together with the odd exception here and there. Crude bigotry excluded, and there’s a fair bit of it around. But there’s a common thread to those types and I’ll bet a pound to a knob of goatshit that the hypothetical bigot who detested all things maori, was the same staunch unionist who detested "scabs"

It's all about evolution G. Boy.

Posted on 14-09-2017 12:33 | By R. Bell

Hardly any languages spoken today resemble those from yesteryear. It actually has everything to do with you being a " white Nzer" as you put it. It is for Maori and Maori alone to decide the status of their language, in their lives. You are entitled to an opinion, but that is all. When you ask for comparisons you seek only to show why Te Reo Maori can not replace English. We already know that. Robin Bell.


Posted on 14-09-2017 09:47 | By GreertonBoy

The English language is always having words added, words pinched from other languages and it is a complete language that is really simply an ever changing utility language... pretty well understood everywhere in the world, even though it is losing its punctuation, grammar and spelling... everything is abbreviated and spelling is becoming phonetic... So, let it continue on its downward spiral of everchanging everything.... but te reo is a traditional language and of utmost importance to our nation... I genuinely feel it needs to be conserved, kept unpolluted without newly made up words. It has nothing to do with me being a white NZer.... I feel future generations of Maori may regret losing the purity of such an historic language. Let English get constantly polluted and ruined, keep te reo special. Wow Robin... I never knew you were Dutch? Fancy that?"hallo maat, hoe gaat het met jou?"

Reflections of narrow minds,

Posted on 13-09-2017 07:59 | By R. Bell

G. Boy clearly believes he has a point. Wrong. As papamoaner rightly points out, Te Reo will never replace English as our everyday language. It is not for G.Boy or any other Pakeha to dictate to Maori , When and where they use their language. The Police car simply reflects societies support for the preservation of it. If there is any sited person who cannot recognise the car for what it is, or G. Boys leading questions, for what they are then I’m a " Dutch man". Robin Bell.

@Dumb cluck 2

Posted on 12-09-2017 19:22 | By Papamoaner

Well, you deserve to get arrested then, and that’s what will likely happen. Read the crimes act mate. A cop needs only signal you to stop. That signal is open to interpretation, likely in your case by the judge! For example, if it’s an unmarked CIB car, or a "Plain" car with a cop in uniform, you MUST stop.


Posted on 12-09-2017 19:16 | By Papamoaner

That’s balanced and reasonable. We’d be struggling to disagree. I quite like maori added to english, but you’ve provided reasons why it shouldn’t be the other way around. Valid points I reckon.

@ GreertonBoy

Posted on 12-09-2017 17:16 | By astex

The English language is also having new words added all the time to keep up to date. Heck, if English was still written as my ancestors wrote it none of us would make any sense out of it. That being said i agree that the word "police" should be visible also.

My point is

Posted on 12-09-2017 16:20 | By GreertonBoy

te reo should be respected and maintained as the traditional language it is. It needs to be protected from a plethra of new made up words to try and make it into something it is not, a complete, daily usable language. The more new words made up and added to te reo only take it further away from its original simplicity... that and I dont like the idea of entering a shop and my greeting to the shopkeeper to be "Do you speak English?" To me, te reo has its place, it is traditional and needs to be protected from modernisation. It needs to be kept as the Maori ancestors would have spoken and understood it, not modernised and added to with thousands and thousands of new words, made up macrons and trying to invent a numeric system to make it fit todays world. Just my opinion


Posted on 12-09-2017 12:50 | By dumbkof2

well if i see a car with this nonsence on it i wont be stopping even if lights are flashing. nothing to identify it as a police car

This just get's worse

Posted on 12-09-2017 11:42 | By Papamoaner

I don’t think anybody wants to see "English replaced with Te Reo" It’s an exaggeration that gets dragged out in just about every discussion on Maori language. Some do it inadvertently and others intentionally with mischievous intent. It’s culturally acceptable to blend Maori words with English, I don’t dive for Abalone- I dive for Paua, and I sometimes enjoy pork bones and Puha. I don’t even know how to spell Rarricky. GreertonBoy is not usually extreme, but this time I disagree with his extreme example, precipitously close to bordering on offensive. He knows damn well many of those words didn’t even exist in English in early days, but some expressions have mutated (eg; Poneke=Port Nicholson), just like English has. Police erred on one missing word, inadvertently setting shark bait. Easy to criticise in hindsight I guess.

Greerton Boy

Posted on 12-09-2017 08:38 | By overit

Love it mate. You are a crack up, but oops, lets what for Paps response.

Don't get too carried away

Posted on 12-09-2017 08:18 | By Papamoaner

Te Reo is fair enough. I just think the word POLICE should be added somewhere. That said, there are plenty of unmarked CIB cars with lights behind the grille, and some mufti traffic cars too.


Posted on 12-09-2017 00:29 | By GreertonBoy

The number plate be written in te reo? Can someone fluent in te reo please translate this for me in te reo with no English words infused? "The te reo Police Car is a 2017 Holden Commodore, registration number KUL820. It is V8 fuel injected engine with approximately 320 Kilowatts, it is automatic and has Brembo brakes as standard. The inside upholstery is Khaki and it has a mobile computer on board that is constantly monitoring the internet. The computer also runs the flashing lights and sirens as well as the radar, numberplate reading and facial recognition cameras 24-7" I would like to see that written in te reo, so I can compare it to it written in English because I am interested to learn. Thanks

All of this

Posted on 11-09-2017 23:48 | By GreertonBoy

pushing for everyone to learn and use te reo every day, is simply destroying the language? I think te reo should be maintained as a traditional language and protected from bastardisation of having to interject english words into te reo sentences? How does one write in te reo "I got off the bus and dropped my footy bag with my cell phone and laptop in it. A thief on a motorcycle stole it. I emailed the police on the internet and reported the theft and they will email me with any updates" ... so, how would one write this without having to make up lots of new words? Then, when a white person is pulled over by the te reo police car, but the white person doesnt speak te reo, will there be issues? How does the time get written on the infringement notice? Incident numbers??? Bahhh

Sorry, but it looks like

Posted on 11-09-2017 22:48 | By The Caveman

Somebody has used a few cans of spray paint on a white car - POLICE CAR - NAH - NO word "POLICE" visabe on the car and at night - anybody can put a couple of blue and reds on their car !!!!

Left wondering

Posted on 11-09-2017 21:28 | By penguin

Not sure if the car is advertising a drink product; a real estate agency; a political party; a holiday place near the ocean or a multitude of other things. If we are supposed to be one nation and sharing, then at least the name POLICE should appear prominently somewhere. Many other non-English speaking countries have a close approximation to the word POLICE. Tourists would be hard pressed to translate the te reo version into POLICE. And one could also be forgiven for thinking that the red and blue lights are for decoration. I wonder how much of the overstretched police budget was gobbled up for this?


Posted on 11-09-2017 21:05 | By CONDOR

Are they both real cops looks like the PC brigade have stuck it to the cops and they have folded and promoted this nonsense .LOL


Posted on 11-09-2017 18:35 | By Papamoaner

My post was purely logistic. People, including overseas visitors, need to be able to instantly identify police, especially if the flashing blue and red lights are not active. In some countries it’s POLIZE, in others it’s GUARDA, but at least it’s obvious. Trust that silly bugger "Misadventure" and other Lemmings to read something political into it. AS THEY DO ! Dorks!

@ Pappa

Posted on 11-09-2017 17:58 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I am sure that even without the correct name (English) that the NZ Police customers will still run away in droves. But hopefully they will perhaps in a few create a little curiosity and a moments hesitation so as perhaps a for extras will be snared more easily. I am sure NZ Police are simply being a lot more commercial about their activities and so making sure that their huge clientele can see them coming. I am sure the new shiny lights will still captivate those intended to be so enthralled, easy pickings really.

Dear Pappas

Posted on 11-09-2017 17:53 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Dont worry about it mate, the Police are jsut being culaturally senstive and aligning the vehicle to the market place, nothing more.


Posted on 11-09-2017 17:06 | By GreertonBoy

Don’t you know anything? The traditional police cars before the white man arrived never had ’police’ written on them? Why should these? (sarcasm, naturally)

I guess...

Posted on 11-09-2017 17:03 | By GreertonBoy

The proponents of te reo will eventually want english banned as a language here in NZ? Any idea when this will be happening? I suppose life in NZ has been too easy for too long... I mean, having one language to learn has been too easy. Now, NZ will become like Canada where some speak one language and some speak another, so signs have to be duplicated, forms have to be twice as long.... great. Naturally, this will cost us all heaps...

Bro mobile?

Posted on 11-09-2017 16:53 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I guess it may feel a little better when picked up if you cant avoid reading the name on the side of teh car when you are on your way to your second home? Or is it the first home? Hmmm not sure which way that will fall.

Good idea

Posted on 11-09-2017 15:35 | By Papamoaner

I’m all for it, but The word POLICE should have been included for obvious reasons.