Bay buses to carry bike racks

Bike racks will be included in the new bus contract. Photo: Cycling Action Network.

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Bike racks will be included on Bay Hopper buses with the new contract, says the Bay of Plenty Regional council’s Public Transport Committee chairman councillor Lyall Thurston.

The recommendations from the recent committee meeting are expected to be approved by the full council later this month.

The council’s transport policy manager Garry Maloney says all going well, the new bus contract could be going out for tender before the end of the year.

Whether there will be two bike racks or three on the buses hasn’t been decided.

“I know Canterbury is looking at racks that are able to carry three,” says Garry.

“It becomes a dimension issue in terms of the length of the bus. My understanding is they are having do some work with the NZ Transport Agency to ensure if they are putting three bike racks on the bus then they weren’t breaching the regulations.

“At this stage we haven’t determined whether they will be two or three. By the time we go out to tender we will just test the water and see what are the common standards around the country.”

Lyall says a positive impact on bus passengers has been seen in other regions that use the racks.

“Bus racks allow people to travel a much greater distance to and from their bus stop, and their eventual destination. This opens up public transport to a much wider range of potential passengers, and ultimately may help reduce the number of cars on our roads.

“The growth in people riding bikes has been astronomical and we are meeting demand for those cyclists, cycling being an alternative mode of transport and environmentally sustainable.”

The bike racks introduced in Rotorua have been incredibly successful, says Lyall. He’s unsure if they will be used by school students.

“That is something for the schools to consider, but clearly there are safety issues involved,” says Lyall.

“The days of every student riding to school by bike are long gone. But we are certainly encouraging as many people as possible to use cycling as an alternative, sustainable form of transport.”

In the Bay of Plenty, bike racks are currently installed on Rotorua Cityride and the eastern services of Whakatane to Ohope, and the Whakatane/Kawerau/Opotiki to Tauranga bus services.

Staff estimate that, spread over the term of the contract, the total cost would be less than $13,000 per financial year, and the cost to council would be just under $6500 per year.

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Posted on 12-09-2017 21:24 | By missyvon

Mr ThurstonI have contacted Rotorua Cityride, your comments of the success of the bike racks leave me astounded. Over the last 2 years that Cityride have had the bike racks they have only been used twice, once for the Santa Parade the other I am not sure.Rotorua is a bike city, the cost quoted to the community is approx 25% of the real cost to the rate payer.did you know that in the last 4 years the Katikati and Omokoroa buses have had bike racks available that have never been used. All buses have wheel chair spaces, but are generally used at non peak time, when not in use they can be used for bikes.I would suggest you resign your position as chair person of the transport committee as clearly you are unaware of the situation

hang on a minute

Posted on 12-09-2017 16:47 | By old trucker

Just a thought what if i put a bike rack on front of me truck, (3) wonder would i get any looks, i just want too take them somewhere to go for for a ride, as im to lazy to ride (lol) there is NOBODY ON BUSES everyday every 5 mins on Cameron rd with one person on board, next one empty and so it goes on,my thoughts only Sunlive is No1 for NEWS,Thankyou, 10-4, out, phew.

@Darth Vader NZ

Posted on 11-09-2017 22:55 | By The Caveman

Actually you have a good point - more than one actually - and the NUMBER PLATE is also partly covered as well - ever in the photo show. The bikes will "clearly" obscure the left or right indicators if you are looking at the front of the bus from the opposite side of the indicator that is flashing.

hang on a minute

Posted on 11-09-2017 21:18 | By old trucker

This is SO STUPID, WHY have racks, all these $$$$thousands spent on cycle ways etc the one out at POIKE RD through to welcome bay rd (not finished yet), that huge footpath and bridge through the swamp and mor to go, just for BL--DY cyclists,and this idea is going to cost us more,i dont believe they dont breach regulations, all that stuff sticking out front, whats wrong with people ,thats why you bought a bike is to ride it, NOT PUT IT ON front of bus, for crying out loud,may as well not have a bike,just because canterbury has them doesnt mean to say we do, i feel this is DANGEROUS and SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AT ALL , BLOW Councillor Thurston and his HAIR BRAINED SCHEME,stay out of it, making us pay, anyway buses ARE to big and NOBODY IN THEM allday.Sunlive Thankyou,10-4, out phew.


Posted on 11-09-2017 20:37 | By Capt_Kaveman


Who puts the bike on and off.

Posted on 11-09-2017 20:11 | By Murray.Guy

Do the drivers put the bikes on the racks, take responsibility? Does this mean a driver has to leave the bus with the engine running, folk waiting to get on? Who takes the bike off? Crazies! Just give me a park and ride so I can drive or bike to the nearest bus service, leave my car/bike in safe storage, and catch a bus to town!

illegal ?

Posted on 11-09-2017 17:35 | By Darth Vader NZ

I would have thought this would be illegal as the headlights would be covered as would the indicators as well as it protruding a certain distance from the front of the bus without a safety flag like what is required for outboard motors and loads on trailers ???