Baywave to re-open for AIMS Games

Baywave will be open for two big events this week. Photo: File.

UPDATED12.50pm:Baywave will re-open to the public at 2pm on Wednesday, eight days after the pools complex was shut for urgent seismic upgrades.

The construction team completed the works over the weekend – ahead of the initial nine-day turnaround which would have had the facility reopening this Friday, says Bay Venues CEO Gary Dawson today.

He has nothing but praise for everyone involved in the process given the tight deadline to ensure the facility is open for the National Underwater Hockey Secondary School Championships starting this Friday and the AIMS Games on Monday, says Gary.

Strengthening included infilling a window so that it became a solid wall and adding bracing to the steel girders that run along the spine of the building. Installing six plates takes the centre from a Grade D to a Grade C seismic risk.

Given the tight deadline to ensure the facility is open for the National Underwater Hockey Secondary School Championships starting this Friday and the AIMS Games on Monday, Gary says he has nothing but praise for everyone involved in the process.

 “Contractors have worked brilliantly to lift the building’s seismic safety rating in such a short amount of time, says Gary.  "We have had great support from Tauranga City Council, BECA, Contract Mechanical Services, Steeplejacks Scaffolding, Searob Building and Red’s Blocklaying to rapidly address the issue.

 “Thanks must also go to the staff and public who have been incredibly understanding about our safety priority.

“It has been warming to see the local community banding together. Other gyms have offered temporary memberships and private aquatic facilities have provided lane space and facilities to accommodate patrons and swimming squads.”

 Bay Venues is expecting to receive a finalised BECA report in three weeks’ time with more detail on how to improve the building’s seismic safety.


Baywave will re-open this week in time for the AIMS Games, says Bay Venues CEO Gary Dawson.

Gary spoke to SunLive following a board meeting yesterday where engineers delivered a report on progress at the pools, which were closed on August 29 for seismic repairs.

“It will be available for the AIMS Games and the NZ Underwater Hockey championships.

“Progress has been very good and we are slightly ahead of schedule, so there’s no risk of it not being available for those key events.

“We don’t have a definite time for it to open, we still have got some work to be done. But we are certainly slightly ahead of where we thought we would be.”

The final decision on when to re-open the pools is expected today.

The pools were shut a week ago when directors learned engineers assessed the aquatic centre as being a Grade D earthquake prone building, which represents a 10-25 times greater earthquake risk than a new building under the latest earthquake-strengthening guidelines. 

The report stated the building constructed in 2005, had “significant deficiencies” and recommended seismic remediation work.

The engineers’ recommendations included the following:

  •   •  That the building’s bracing system be strengthened (which is the immediate remedial work Bay Venues will be undertaking)

  •   •  That further checks be undertaken on the cladding, window support systems and pre-cast concrete stairs

  •   •  That the possibility of liquefaction be investigated 

The remedial work will improve the integrity of the building and move it from Grade D to Grade C – a risk 5-10 times greater than a new building. Achieving Grade C means the facility is at an acceptable standard to open, says Gary.

Bay Venues has not yet begun any investigation into how a relatively new building could become an earthquake risk.

“What we want to do is get it opened obviously, and get the AIMS Games under way and then next week we will turn our mind to exactly what we need to do in terms of a review;  how did this happen?

“But our focus has really been just on getting it open.”

The National Underwater Hockey Secondary School Championships begin at Baywave on Thursday and close on Sunday September 10.

The AIMS Games start September 10 and finish Friday, September 15.

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@ Posppa

Posted on 17-09-2017 13:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Dear Sir, sorry you have the wrong end of the stick. The thread here makes it clear that the objective review and commentary that correctly critiques this current mess is the true path forward as it is based upon fact and evidence. Your thread however has no basis, you have even admitted to not going there? Yet apparently postulate you "know" engineering, science and common-sense and everthing about the place. With barely just a little respect left I suggest you learn up on those three things and when done come back with the corect thread based on a new found enlightenment and so knowledge that is real to base it all on.

D graded BECA report?

Posted on 17-09-2017 11:34 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Not published the final result.


Posted on 17-09-2017 11:02 | By Papamoaner

Moaning?? What moaning? I am the defender in all this. You are the moaners. I’m not actually complaining about anything - seldom do, because I reckon most people do their jobs fairly well in this country, despite a few moaning pot smoking idiots like you my friend. I NEVER said I haven’t been down there to have a look around. I merely said I don’t FREQUENT (don’t try to spell that Missy) the place, which is an accurate assertion (don’t even think about trying to spell that). Anyway, I’m bored with this storm in a teacup now.

@Missappropriate(sic) - vide progress request.

Posted on 16-09-2017 16:12 | By Papamoaner

Found the report yet? No? Probably because you can’t spell to save yourself. Clue;- The recommendation to close the facility (don’t try to spell that Missy) for repair, was made jointly by two engineering seismologists and two senior TCC officers. Quite properly, BVL elected to adopt the recommendation rather than wait for a peer review. To their credit, they put safety before expediency. Unfortunately that involved a few scraps of shark bait spilling over the transom. So what? the number of bottom feeders cruising this thread can be counted on one hand if that.

@ Pappa lost it?

Posted on 16-09-2017 16:06 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "I don’t frequent the place", now that tells us a lot. All the views, opinions and moaning all over the place and has not a single ounce of actual knowledge or sight of the place. How can you rant on as you do about common sense and other ’nice to haves’ when you are totally dissconnected from reality, actual knowledge etc. Sounds like you have are lowering yourself tot eh same level and standards as Master Bell, BS, creative, on the gravy train and in total denial of anything else but that desired to be true. Just keep talking to yourself so as you believe ...

Misty's smoking adventures

Posted on 15-09-2017 19:17 | By Papamoaner

It’s pathetic, humorous actually, that you couldn’t even find the D graded BECA report that triggered the decision to close and execute repairs. I found it in minutes. DO YOUR OWN BLOODY HOMEWORK. The reason BVL took the initiative was evidently because they decided not to wait for the peer review. Nothing wrong with being proactive where safety is of the essence. Any old excuse to put the collective boot in eh! Condor will respond with "Papamoaner misses the point" Yeah, right! (Yawn)

Science and Lions then common sense?

Posted on 15-09-2017 14:03 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Hmmm, the link here is bewildering all the claims to fame and the gap just keeps getting wider. I notice your buddy matey Robin has bailed. Perhaps the science, engineering and common-sense was all jsut to much. The recent history would certainly confirm that.

@KellBell - By Papamoaner

Posted on 15-09-2017 14:00 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Perhaps let us have a progress report on achieving each of the three steps, looks like you have a long way to go?


Posted on 15-09-2017 13:58 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Then perhasp go and up-skill, return when savvy and competent. Dont rush yourself, theres a lifetime of realism to catch up on.


Posted on 14-09-2017 08:02 | By Papamoaner

Correct observation insofar as I don’t frequent the place since I’m one of those rare individuals around here who has little interest in "conflict of winners and losers" (ie; Sport). I do however, have some interest in science and engineering, and also another discipline entitled "common sense"

Umm very Interesting ................

Posted on 13-09-2017 21:44 | By kellbell

Always amusing to how see people like Papamoaner who probably know nothing about the Baywave site or history ,never go there regularly nor have any idea how BVL operate get involved in these set to’s.

@Condor & Missy

Posted on 13-09-2017 12:49 | By Papamoaner

Missy doesn’t understand analogy. Condor approaches issues from one exclusive angle and refuses to accept differing perspectives from other angles. Never the Twain shall meet.


Posted on 13-09-2017 09:28 | By Papamoaner

Parkinson’s law of triviality.


Posted on 12-09-2017 14:17 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks like you are attempting to dodge the bullet here, Baywave has no Lions and certainly no heavily Armed ones either. This would simply appear to be another diversion or red herring, likely both. The lesson here is simple for you to learn, at least it should be. The events of the past and to date reflect what those still involved will continue to do and decide and how they will act, particularly to save their own hide. That is called self preservation and they will hold out as long as possible in doing so. The best indicator of thsi happening is when irrelevant issues get raised or dragged into where they dont belong. I hope hat all iisnt to much for you?

Papamoaner Prattling

Posted on 11-09-2017 20:30 | By CONDOR

So much for the little homily from the past.The point is and you still fail to grasp it is that the major seismic issues have not been addressed by BVL so how the hell on the basis of your diatribe (if it has any validity anyway) have they protected themselves from prosecution.If you cannot work out what the issue is from the info’ provided then keep out of the debate.

Let me remind you

Posted on 11-09-2017 15:31 | By Papamoaner

Of a lovely older couple who kindly gave a beekeeper permission to place hives on their farm. A faulty bridge built by the NZ Army collapsed, killing the beekeeper. OSH prosecuted! Did they prosecute the army? Hell no, they prosecuted the property owners, effectively ruining their lives. There are other similar horror stories around OSH law and culpability. Now, back to topic - if this building had collapsed and killed people, who do you think would be held culpable and prosecuted? Authorities merely complied with their legal obligations as required whenever there is ANY DOUBT about safety. No different from Police mounting a cordon after reports that their MIGHT be a heavily armed African Lion roaming free. Time to stop whinging like a bunch of Poms and move on!

@ Pappa

Posted on 11-09-2017 10:00 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I am nothing else but "honest" throughout, all, always.

@ Pappas

Posted on 11-09-2017 09:58 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Definition, "ROD" condition (Random Orientation Disorder)? See below


Posted on 10-09-2017 20:38 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Good point on the AIMS games guys assembling seating. If "SOOOOOOO" OOOOSSSSSHHHH" dangerous to result in a drama close instantly then how come they were allowed in? Very straneg indeed. Suggests strongly that teh issue was not with the building above ground but instead basement no structure issues that have been there from the start. Water seeping in to the pump/electrics areas below has always been a major issue needed massive spends on patch up fix of pumps and the likes. When the pumps fail the electric get wet ... not a good mix.

What Reports.Do you ever go to Baywave mate?

Posted on 10-09-2017 20:16 | By CONDOR

@Papamoaner you are rabbitting on about engineering reports so does any one have a final report yet because BVL did not have one when they closed the Pools down for 8 days nor would it seem did they have one when reopened post haste for underwater hockey tourney and AIMs games. All they needed to do at outset was to release prelim report summary explain exactly what work they were doing and why, the estimated cost and how long closed for .BAYWAVE is a public facility funded by TCC ratepayers and the transparency and openness is pathetic, If this happened to you privately at home you would go off your tree.


Posted on 10-09-2017 19:34 | By Papamoaner

At least you are honest. never mind, I drink enough rum and whisky for both of us mate, and I never do drugs. You’ve got me stumped over "ROD" I don’t have a clue what it is, but I suspect you are accusing me of "getting lost" Well you might be right, but I manage to stay on track most of the time.

@ Dearest Pappa

Posted on 10-09-2017 16:10 | By MISS ADVENTURE

THE QUESTION "Do you get the picture?" isnt actually a question , sorry to misled you, the reality is that I am actually advising you that you dont have the picture, cant see it and in fact no idea it exists. hence the desired trail (dream-land) prevails and reality is no where in sight. Sorry old chap, I will try and use less words, smaller and simple. As hard as it will be I will try and refrain from cracking a funny, joke, humour as it will create overload.

Weed and Whiskey

Posted on 10-09-2017 14:09 | By MISS ADVENTURE

That would explain a lot, personally I dont like either, never have, never tried. I have instead placed a bit more intererst/time in observing, delve in and learn much. Oh what I have learned and seen! So what then is your excuse for your "ROD" condition (Random Orientation Disorder)?

@ Pappa

Posted on 10-09-2017 14:06 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Engineering report? The ones that for example lead to the Devonport tower build? You know the one where the doors need a trim every year of two it’s leaning over a bit ... is that teh kind of "engineering" expertise that you are talking of? Note for PAPPA: - the cliff is the same on, other end and someone has dug out the bank toe to build a railway. Get the picture yet? Keep thinking ... dreaming and hoping.

Hey guys

Posted on 10-09-2017 09:55 | By Papamoaner

Why don’t you read the engineering reports before shooting from the hip? And indulging in guesswork around perceived costs is the stuff wobbly dreams are made of.


Posted on 10-09-2017 09:50 | By Papamoaner

At last, I got a question out of you (quote) "Do you get the picture?" Yes, I do indeed old chap, and it’s crystal clear ;- You are either smoking that useless crap again, or tipping the rum bottle. A number of your posts are difficult to fathom. The shocking spelling errors offer a clue to what’s going on. In contrast, you are sometimes quite eloquent - further proof. If you want to be taken seriously in the debate, make sure first that you are sober before mounting up to ride, and don’t forget to secure the girth and sursingle before yelling giddyup or you’ll emulate your horizontal rum bottle.

@ Papps

Posted on 09-09-2017 19:43 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "ignore a safety report for reasons of expediencey?" You are overlooking the prime motivation of TCC, that is to create drama so as to be able to look like that they are doing something and so create a self need of attention, self importance and that they can make decisions (even though completely unnecessary) and do things (even though completely unnecessary) run around looking self-important to their excess number of minions and superiors - equally excess (even though completely unnecessary) and spend money (even though completely unnecessary) ,,, do you get the picture? Possibly not. IMPORTANT POINT: Whatever was "possible" a problem has been there since around 2004 when it was built, so what exactly is the big drama now ... like 13 years later?

@ Is it really ready? GreertonBoy

Posted on 09-09-2017 15:10 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Of course they will say it is, then open the door, then five minutes later teh final report will "create" more reasons and excuses for drama. Wait for it, the damage, bills and dramas will follow like night follows Dey. The same scenario befell the Mount Hot Pools over and over again.

@ Pappa off line?

Posted on 09-09-2017 15:07 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "under OSH law, office holders can be held PERSONALLY CULPABLE". The Councillors, TCC staff, Bay venues directors, staff and all others except tauranga Ratepayers, none are liable ever. A good example is the BVL Directors have a full indemenity from Council, all care no responsibilty folks anywhere. Least we forget the Museum debarcle also in the same category .... Civic mess, Library ... where does it stop? How Culliable are you?

@ You saw it here first-money no object??

Posted on 09-09-2017 15:03 | By MISS ADVENTURE

This little game would be simply to have something to divert attention from the CBD carnage that is still going on and ramping up!


Posted on 09-09-2017 15:02 | By CONDOR



Posted on 09-09-2017 15:00 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Then add the consultants bills they will be more than the actual bill for the work that was completely over dramatised.


Posted on 09-09-2017 14:59 | By MISS ADVENTURE

There was no reason to close the place, simply put a couple of orange cones around and then place a dozen concrete blocks in the window hole. That is all that was done, about 1-2 hours work required. The bill will be a $100k surely for the drama and Bolywood on this one.


Posted on 09-09-2017 14:57 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The reactive nature of the beast here is typical, it only happens on a wimp to sate the desire to spend without limit or reason.

@ Papamoaner

Posted on 09-09-2017 14:56 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Yes they do, you are in that category, if not then way of the mark.


Posted on 08-09-2017 16:14 | By Papamoaner

Unfortunately everybody over-reacts these days - they HAVE to - they have no choice, and they probably don’t like it any more than you do. But the truth of the matter is that under OSH law, office holders can be held PERSONALLY CULPABLE in the event it all turns to crap. Would YOU want to be in that position and ignore a safety report for reasons of expediencey? Not me mate. So on balance, I don’t blame them!

No Transparency

Posted on 08-09-2017 10:33 | By CONDOR

Looks like this little knee jerking faux pas is being swept under the carpet with no reports of exactly what work was done and the cost to date.Well that just isn’t good enough.

They walk among us vote and ................

Posted on 07-09-2017 10:02 | By ROCCO

An absolute shocker how much did this little exercise in futility cost us and why was the place closed for 8days losing $30k in lost revenue. No accountability no transparency and no responsibility still that is par for the course -should be TCC and BVL motto.

You saw it here first-money no object

Posted on 06-09-2017 19:37 | By kellbell

Well Baywave reopened about 2pm today.Little evidence of any significant remedial seismic work to date .As far as one could glean a small 3mx1m window adjacent to the main pool near the carpark has been replaced with concrete blocks and it is said some strengthening was put into the catwalk gantry that runs the length of the pools.Really minor stuff that didn’t warrant the effusive over the top thank yous.Hard to see how scaffolding could be used but they were in there setting up temporary stands for AIMS games etc.However just wait till BVL gets the final flowery no expense spared report and the Rolls Royce remedial costs kick in.The punters will be wincing then and will have every reason to be aggrieved when they get hit between the eyes.Even some of the staff are rolling there eyes at this nonsense. OMG

@ GreertonBoy

Posted on 05-09-2017 22:00 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Building on sand, a pool etc and hoping it never moves even a milimeter ... dream on mate. The basement were the pumps and gear are has leaked like a sieve since day one, they have to run special pumps to try and keep the water level low enough not to get to the electrics.

@ Capt_Kaveman

Posted on 05-09-2017 21:24 | By MISS ADVENTURE

What the total joke is, is that Taurnaga bosts of having wonderful water supply, if you saw the place it came from (easier to figure what isnt in it) and then allow for the chemcial enrichments added by them also.

This is just nauseous windowdressing.

Posted on 05-09-2017 20:12 | By kellbell

@GreertonBoy of course it is ready to go and it has been all along-it is in fact very little different than it was last week because never sighted a workman and hence nothing much has been done. Go and have a look for yourself and I don’t think you will see any material changes. It was never an issue the bureaurats just panicked.However once they get the real jaundiced report hang on to your cheque book because the sky will be the limit and it will be a feeding frenzy basically in boots and all. I agree it is a damn disgrace that this garbage was not picked up when it was constructed provided of course it ever had a Code Compliance inspection and tick.

Is it really ready?

Posted on 05-09-2017 18:17 | By GreertonBoy

I mean, it could be hit by a meteor? There could be an unknown fault under it that might open up.... lightening might hit it... an airliner might crash into it... there could be a tsunami? Are we absolutely certain it is safe? Maybe the owners could be charged more yet just to make sure? What a joke... whoever approved the initial building should have made sure the seismic part was in order BEFORE approving it.... Whoever approved the design of the original submission needs their ’you know what’ kicked... and they should be footing the bill to make it correct...


Posted on 05-09-2017 17:58 | By overit

What cost please?

Photo - latice work beam

Posted on 05-09-2017 17:03 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks like the access is there, just need to add a suitable plank as high as possible (Pirate ship category) for all to exit left from. The world, NZ and Tauranga would then be a better place.

What next?

Posted on 05-09-2017 17:01 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Like issue here, the offical pengiun suits upstairs are more likely than not all worried about their whole world crashing down to ground level from the lofty spender heights that they have become accustomed to in the near future. need a few more props in there apparently to shore up the world they way they like it.

Yes it is a bloody joke allright mate

Posted on 05-09-2017 16:51 | By CONDOR

@Captain Kaveman.There has basically been no one there over the past week. SFA has been done and now the CEO has finally found his tongue .I thought the Council pointy heads had taken over this little drama. This useless exercise has effectively cost Ratepayers (those who always bail BVL out of the financial poo ) between $25000 and $35000 in lost facility revenue.Woftam.


Posted on 05-09-2017 14:09 | By Capt_Kaveman

a joke im so sick of this council and nz demise im sick of it, this country has become a laughing stock clean green yeah right lol