BOPRC continues collaborating

BOPRC currently works with communities, iwi and industry and local government partners at every opportunity.

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The Bay of Plenty Regional Council say that collaboration is the key to successful outcomes.

BOPRC currently works with communities, iwi and industry and local government partners at every opportunity. They say these efforts will continue in the coming year.

Council chair Doug Leeder says collaboration on the issues the Bay of Plenty faces leads to long-lasting decisions that will enhance the region’s unique environment.

“We will continue to exercise our responsibilities around carrying out Treaty settlements,” says Doug.

“These cover all 36 iwi, 260 hapu and 224 marae in the Bay of Plenty.”

In the next year, the council has allocated 20 per cent (more than $34 million) of its $171m annual budget to collaborative projects.

It will lead and support co-governance and community groups including the Ohiwa Harbour Implementation Forum, Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Strategy Group and Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority.

The regional council also supports the Enviro-schools programme and the community through grants such as:

  •   •  $100,000 to Envirohub

  •   •  $12,000 to Surf Lifesaving New Zealand

  •   •  $10k to the Sustainable Business Network

  •   •  $40k for applications to Te Hapai Ora - Regional Community Outcomes Fund - Including a new environmental scholarship for youth in recognition of the late councillor Awanuiarangi Black

The council has also budgeted $40,000 to begin implementing Te Hekenga Nui o Te Tuna (the Tuna Plan), which was endorsed last year.

“We have also given a $10,000 grant to the Motu Trails Cycleway Group and increased our governance activity budget by $200,000 to fund reviews into the April 2017 flood events,” says Doug.

For more information about the 2017/18 annual plan visit

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here we go again

Posted on 04-09-2017 17:05 | By old trucker

Agree with all, another sleazy grin gosh they certainly bow down to these people, it makes me sick,$171 million budget,gosh that would build new Kat kati bypass and some, like new highway Tepuna to Kati kati, $200,000 to fund reviews, what a laugh,imagine all the free lunches and meetings in this SCAM,my thoughts only on this subject,Sunlive is No1, Thankyou, 10-4, out. phew.

@ Maryfaith & Miss Adventure

Posted on 04-09-2017 15:16 | By Laurie

Totally agree with you both & yes the ridiculous smile but I guess when its ratepayers money you’re giving away there’s no pain - just another brown washed councillor that gets the warm fuzzies from meeting non-existent treaty settlement responsibilities!!

@ maryfaith

Posted on 04-09-2017 13:38 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You are right, what a joke it all is, stupid grin to go with it. The madness was already insane, what new heights are bnow being achieved?

Who runs this outfit?

Posted on 04-09-2017 10:40 | By Maryfaith

Iwi will be laughing all the way to the bank! BOPRC are spineless and being taken in by the bl......y Treaty and its ’obligations’. As a rate payer this ongoing special treatment really me off! I could say a lot more but it is unprintable!