NZ First takes Tauranga’s pulse

The New Zealand First campaign bus was touring Tauranga and Te Puke on Saturday. Photo and video: Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

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New Zealand First has been finding out what matters to Western Bay of Plenty residents, with local candidates touring Tauranga and Te Puke in their distinctive campaign bus.

Tauranga-based NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell was joined by Bay of Plenty candidate Lester Gray and Coromandel candidate Anne-Marie Andrews on Saturday, braving the rain to deliver their party’s message.

Clayton says they made around 11 stops from Te Puke through to Papamoa, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga central, Bethlehem, and Greerton.

“We had good feedback from people and positive responses. We managed to get a crowd of people talking and listening wherever we pulled up,” he says.

“We had hoped to do some door knocking, but the weather didn’t really permit for it. We’ll do that next week.”

So what was on the minds of voters who stopped to have a chat? In Tauranga, Clayton says it is housing affordability.

“People say they’re not hearing anything from the two establishment parties about the effect of immigration and foreign buyers on housing. People know a lot of these houses are being bought up by overseas non-residents, but nobody’s talking about it.

“The other big issue was traffic, and what we’re going to be doing about the ever-increasing problem of congestion.”

One of the most significant aspects of yesterday’s tour was finding out just how many undecided voters are out there.

“There are people who’ve always voted a certain ‘colour’, and they’re telling us they’re not sure about voting for that party this time round. So they’re genuinely interested in the policies of other parties and what they’re pushing for.”

He says Jacinda Ardern has created some interest as the new Labour Party leader, but believes Labour’s policies to be too vague.

“In three weeks’ time I think we’re going to have an upset. The mainstream media over the last few weeks have given us very little oxygen, unless it’s to do with Winston’s repayments.

“People are getting sick of the backwards and forwards from the two main parties.”

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@Lord Lecter

Posted on 04-09-2017 13:12 | By Papamoaner

Senility is forgivable at my age! In some respects an asset. Especially when the mother-in-law is lurking around. Her ankles are too thick for me to grab and tip her over any more, so senility can be an efficient active filter. The commentary and stories are huge fun, and inspiration for novels where material can be an elusive resource. No shortage of material on these threads mate. Love the login name. Keep peeling those onions. Odysseus took 10 years to reach Ithaka!


Posted on 04-09-2017 11:55 | By Lord Lecter

That’s wasn’t dyslexia, it’s called senility. Dunno, maybe ease off the commentary and stories?


Posted on 03-09-2017 16:23 | By Papamoaner

Bloody pre emptive processor, or was it dyslexia? - digging myself in deeper here. That should read GP, not Toilet. And diastolical was meant as rhyming with diabolical. Never mind, weak pun I suppose. Got nothing against Winston. He keeps everybody honest. And I’ve got nothing against election promises either - it’s just strategy. What I do have an issue with, is unsustainable or unrealistic promises that they know damn well we can’t afford to implement. In that respect, I trust National ahead of Labour. let’s not forget where most of the crippling restructuring and corporate bullshit came from - Rogernomics under a Labour government. Overkill, left, right, and centre and we’re still feeling the pain.


Posted on 03-09-2017 15:20 | By Papamoaner

I can see how you feel. I was just bending to temptation to make a pun. I am actually grateful to Winston for my super gold card as well as stuff you mention. But pretty much everybody our age knows what systolic and disastolic means because we hear i9t every time we go to the toilet


Posted on 03-09-2017 14:36 | By Merlin

Winston tells it as it is.Our MP I think likes to ride his bicycle or drive in his electric vehicle to the photo ops.I think he needs to get up to speed what the people of Tauranga want.To knock the commuter rail from Omokoroa to town disgusted me as their are about 600 sections on stream out there.He would rather clog the highway up more and it is really bad now.Park and commute works well in other centers.

NZ First's Clayton Mitchell has done

Posted on 03-09-2017 13:38 | By SML

more for Tauranga, in Tauranga and in Parliament, than the National incumbent has, for some years now. He doesn’t just turn up for photo ops, he’s actively working for our city, and is far more in touch with the issues (housing affordability/availablity, rent increases, traffic congestion, kids sleeping in cars) than the currrent and previous national party candidates. We need a party that puts New Zealanders and NZ issues first. Had enough of the "same old - same old" and going backwards? Vote Clayton Mitchell, and NZ First


Posted on 03-09-2017 13:13 | By rastus

Papamoaners use of the word ’diastolic’ is rather doubtful for several reasons not the least of which is that the majority of very normal people wouldn’t know what the medical term actually means and even for one that knows what the word means, is very difficult to make the political connection. All I do know is that without Winston, Tauranga’s traffic would be an absolute nightmare rather than just being busy - his contribution to the city with the building of the ’toll free’ harbour crossing and Hewlets road infrastructure surely cannot be argued - all we have had from the National bloke is a heap of hot air and feel good actions, non of which have contributed one iota to the progress of our city (See letters to the Sun regarding his negative response to what many consider to be a possible contribution to traffic problems TePuna North)

Taking Tauranga's pulse?

Posted on 03-09-2017 12:34 | By Papamoaner

NZ First up to their Diastolical tricks again?