Moko’s mother gives evidence at inquest

Nicola Dally-Paki, mother of Moko Rangitoheriri, gives evidence at the inquest into the death of Moko at the Rotorua District Court. Photo: Pool / Alan Gibson

The mother of Moko Rangitoheriri has given emotional and tense evidence at the inquest into her toddler son’s death in 2015.

The inquest into the three-year-old’s death began in the Rotorua District Court yesterday in front of coroner Wallace Bain.

Moko’s mother, Nicola Dally-Paki, was in Auckland with another child receiving treatment at Starship Hospital at the time of Moko’s abuse and death.

He had been left in Taupo with Tania Shailer and David Haerewa while his mother was in Auckland’s Starship Hospital looking after another child.

He died on August 10, 2015, after suffering horrendous injuries from beatings and abuse. Shailer and Haerewa were sentenced to 17 years in jail for Moko’s manslaughter last year.

Ms Dally-Paki told the coroner’s court in Rotorua that she placed Moko and his sister with Shailer because she had known her for 15 years, assumed the children would be safe and because it was a better option than a gang house.

She says she had done everything in her power to keep her children safe.

"Well, I didn’t do a police background check and I didn’t ask all the social workers what was going on with her mental health, I just made an assumption that knowing her from previous early childhood that she’d be safer as opposed to putting them into a gang life."

Ms Dally-Paki talked about the domestic violence she suffered in her relationship with Moko’s father and made an emotional plea to others in similar situations, to leave and never go back.

She says she was in a complicated situation trying to find safe housing for herself and her children and if she had been less harshly judged, her son would still have been alive today.

She says if the authorities had concerns about her children, they had known how and where to find her.

"They did not once contact the Auckland DHB social workers that work at Starship to gather evidence about me and my background for the investigation. If they had, they would have been notified by the Auckland DHB social workers and my Moko would still be alive."

She says if other women were in similar situations, they needed to have an emergency plan, ask for help and not feel ashamed.

Moko’s paternal grandmother also gave evidence to the inquest and asked why various agencies had not listened to her concerns.

Nicola Rangitoheriri had offered to have the children, but their mother rejected the offer.

Mrs Rangitoheriri says she had been let down by Child, Youth and Family.

"You didn’t help me either. All I basically got was that there was an investigation and putting my hand up to have them meant nothing.

"Please tell me why no one bothered to check on them after a complaint was made against the mother, just to ensure their well-being.

"Tania had four children of her own."

Detective Inspector Lewis Warner, who led the investigation, also gave evidence today, which included texts between Shailer and Moko’s mother in the weeks leading up to his death.

The inquest will continue today.


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Thanks for that support Robin

Posted on 12-09-2017 17:40 | By Papamoaner

You are a good man with compassion. I’ve seen many examples of it. There are others on the forum like that too, but Mr Maildrop is not one of them. But he doesn’t bother me. He is a nonetity completely lacking sincerity. All I said to him a long time ago was that I did stuff in my youth that I "wasn’t proud of". Just kids stuff really, but he twists it around to criminality. Twister extraordinaire! I could not believe my eyes when he described himself 2 posts ago as being of "superior intellect and wit" and able to "run rings around you" How conceited! One of his favourite words is "fake" Sound familiar? Like that other narcissist, maybe he came here from his England home to "make New Zealand great again"


Posted on 12-09-2017 12:16 | By maildrop

I don’t need proof. BS is BS. I can smell it a mile off. I know what Pappork is and where he sits. Gullible fools don’t. No problem. He admitted criminality in his youth in one of his many stories. You must have missed it. You do seem keen to Police everyone who comments. Get this - what you say or call me has zero effect and will not stop me calling it as I see it. You can see it differently - I don’t care. Only a special kind of stupid thinks they can stop someone having their opinion. Bye bye

maildrop, it is an insult to accuse papamoaner,

Posted on 11-09-2017 15:46 | By R. Bell

of " fake stories",without proof, implying he is a liar. It is an insult to accuse him of criminal behaviour in his youth, without any such knowledge. Those instances and many more put you fair and square in the category of a weak fool. We stand or fall on such statements. You fall. You of course are one of those rare individuals who portray themselves as perfect. Self praise is no recommendation. Ding Dong Bell.

Ding dong

Posted on 11-09-2017 14:59 | By maildrop

So in the same post you call me "weak" for supposedly insulting someone, which reading below I don’t think I have, you call me a "pathological fool". What does that make you then? I think what you will find is that I call BS on BSers, like you and Mini me, and run rings around you with superior wit and intellect. Rarely do I insult, only in retaliation for the many insults I have received. Like yours below. Nothing worse than hypocrites.

If your still there papamoaner,

Posted on 10-09-2017 08:43 | By R. Bell

I’d like to say something to alleviate your position. No matter what you say to maildrop he will twist it, build on it and deliver pure insult. He is a pathological fool. Go with people like awaroa, few words but always wise and pertinent. As the saying goes, "Insult is the weak mans idea of strength"Maildrop is truly a weak man. Robin Bell.

Settle down treacle

Posted on 04-09-2017 17:53 | By maildrop

Gosh, two fake stories in one hit. I’m surprised you’ve got two mates so what’s the chances of two mates with Thai brides!? If I’m not worth debating with (not that this is at all), why do you keep coming back for more? Oh and making derogatory comments about Poms is also rascist but it’s ok, all water off a ducks back old bean. Quack quack.

Serious confession for Maildrop

Posted on 04-09-2017 15:58 | By Papamoaner

I got blind drunk at age 17 and was delivered home to my parents by police and it shamed them. Maybe you could make a big criminality thing out of that? I hope it helps your vindictive expeditions. On a more serious note; you lost your temper on another thread and let your guard down, making crude insulting derogatory comments about what you referred to as "Asian brides purchased in chat rooms" I have two mates with Asian wives they met overseas, and they are wonderful, despite your evil racist views. Bet you are biting your tongue now! The worst kind of racist pig is the one who overtly pretends not to be racist at all, but covertly harbors animal-like racial instinct against other human beings. I can’t stand racism. You are not worth debating with. Lowest of the low.


Posted on 04-09-2017 11:25 | By Papamoaner

You seem transfixed with a small thing I mentioned about a bit of vandalism involving a couple of broken windows as a 12 year old. That’s not criminality! That’s kids growing up learning right from wrong, and is not uncommon in the general scheme of things. You really are an extremely up tight character, reflected in most of your posts. Probably the worst example I saw was one post where you disagreed with a comment and responded with the heading "sanctimoneous twit" I put it to you that this kind of behaviour is not normal. Better get your blood pressure checked old chap.


Posted on 04-09-2017 09:13 | By maildrop

The lady doth protest too much, me thinks


Posted on 03-09-2017 18:43 | By maildrop

Whatever Padsad. You admitted criminality in your youth. I could find the story and point people to it but I’m far too busy. Hypocrite criminals, lowest of the low.


Posted on 03-09-2017 11:57 | By Papamoaner

I wish you would stop plagiarising my expressions and phrases old chap (sic), Let alone fantasise over your dreamy perceptions of my youth, that might hopefully soon pass a century. You will eventually have to apologise to Morepork for your continued insults that he has done nothing to deserve, you nasty piece of work. I have had agreements and disagreements with Morepork from time to time, and can easily see he is a good person, of good intention, unlike yourself. If I might be allowed to quote the Bard, "you sir, are an incorrigible liar".


Posted on 02-09-2017 18:15 | By maildrop

You seem to be stalking me and breaking down at the same time, with all the pointed references and naming even when I haven’t commented. I must be right up your nose. And all this moral high ground from somebody who has admitted, on previous stories, to "doing things in my youth I wasn’t proud of." I take that to mean criminal activity, probably unsolved and unpunished. Me, never come across the law. Not even a traffic fine or parking ticket. It makes you wonder about people’s upbringing and their moral compass when the can act so high and mighty whilst at the same time justifying heir own sordid and criminal past. They are the worst kind.

Hats off

Posted on 01-09-2017 12:55 | By awaroa

To you Papamoaner. I don’t post a lot on any subject. This story is so tragic it’s hard to know what to write. If I was in a position to give as generously as you have offered, I would do it in a heartbeat. My hat is off to you.

Sadly nobody cares

Posted on 01-09-2017 12:42 | By Papamoaner

Still very few posts on here. People like Maildrop who normally have something to say on most stories, will seldom if ever be seen commenting on this kind of story. They don’t have the heart to even bother to click on humanity stuff. In some ways it’s the epitome of our culture as a people, and that is quite sad.


Posted on 31-08-2017 22:34 | By Papamoaner

Yep, been there done that mate, know the feeling. I’m a believer in reading faces and this young lady has a soft face full of sadness and regret. Like people that come from places of severe poverty, sadness and regret can often generate its own style of compassion for others, so there’s hope for her yet. As pointed out by another poster, she might have bad ways too, but that could possibly have come from a "going with the flow" in a gang culture, where there is little choice. If some community group is willing to find out if she’s interested in Tatts removal, and can then set up a funding kitty, I pledge a hundred bucks, but I want my donation to remain anonymous. Any takers out there?

It brings up the usual negatives Papamoaner,

Posted on 31-08-2017 16:23 | By R. Bell

of the three comments one simply seeks to lay blame. It seems "rumour" is far more important than anything else. One thing is certain, we will see no end to it, without major social change, where blame is sidelined and early education is universal. Targeted to social and cultural need, without constant criticism and accusations of " privilege" Robin Bell.

Depressing business

Posted on 31-08-2017 15:27 | By Papamoaner

Story posted at 0800 today. Only 3 posts and it’s 1530 now. Conclusion? Hardly anybody cares!Similar statistics on another story about suicide. Who are we?

Questions ?

Posted on 31-08-2017 12:40 | By Maryfaith

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this sad story. This is only one side if it, we have heard. There are some terrible rumours flying around regarding this young woman - and her tribe of children. Why was one of the children in Starship for instance? She is not without blame for a lot of things that have happened! Lets hope she gets the help she needs and becomes a good citizen.

Count me in Papamoaner,

Posted on 31-08-2017 12:29 | By R. Bell

When you have grand-daughters this age, its’s a constant job policing the dickheads who hang around them. Luckily we’re through it, but it sometimes only takes one bad decision, and whamo!!!. Robin Bell.


Posted on 31-08-2017 09:41 | By Papamoaner

I hope this extremely unfortunate young woman gets all the support and help she needs. What a sad tragic story it was to read. Clearly she was influenced into gang life at a very young age and probably told the Tats were "good for her" and believed it. We should all chip in to get her facial tats removed, get some plastic restoration surgery, and give her a new life away from that crowd. Anyone with a daughter around her age will be feeling her pain. Even old grandpas like me!