Man airlifted after quad bike rolls

The Trustpower TECT rescue helicopter was required after an elderly man rolled his quad bike in Whakamarama on Saturday. File photo.

The Trustpower TECT rescue helicopter was dispatched to a Whakamarama farm at 6.45pm on Saturday, where a quad bike had rolled down a hill, injuring its driver.

The accident, involving a 70-year-old man, happened at around midday.

When the man failed to show up at home, locals and family members went looking for him. He was found late in the evening, having suffered a serious leg injury requiring medical attention.

St John paramedics attended to the man before he could be moved to an area where the helicopter could land.

Fire and rescue also responded and helped to carry the patient to the helicopter.

The helicopter was called due to the location that was only accessible by four-wheel drive. The flight was conducted using night vision goggles.

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agree with Greeton Boy

Posted on 08-08-2017 19:57 | By old trucker

these guys and girls that fly these missions day in night out are TRULY HEROS, and they are humble too THE VERY BEST through my eyes,there was no such services back in the 60s, a old anything to bring you out of the bush, and without our pigeions we would still be in there, AWESOME story Sunlive, thats why you are No1,Thankyou.10-4 out.phew.

Wow... got to be careful

Posted on 06-08-2017 19:46 | By GreertonBoy

These seem to be quite ’safe’ but we hear of alot of accidents with 4 wheelers... MotoGP just lost Angel Nieto (former racer) to a quad bike accident. Glad this rider is ok, but reminds other quad bike riders to be careful. Thank goodness for the rescue chopper too... nice work guys (and girls) of the chopper team. Unsung heros if you ask me...