Racecourse could become new housing

Paeroa Racecourse could be transformed into up to 45 residential lots. Image: Google Maps.

An application to create 45 residential lots on part of the former Paeroa Racecourse is currently being processed by the Hauraki District Council.

Mayor John Tregidga says the majority of the racecourse site is zoned Reserve (Active) and will require a plan change before any residential development can take place (such as a proposed community retirement village).

However, approximately three hectares of land at the corner of Thames Road and Raroa Road is already zoned residential.

As a result, it can be subdivided and developed in advance of a plan change application, in the same way other residential zoned land around Paeroa is subdivided and developed.

“Although traditionally used as part of the racecourse, this piece of land is quite distinct from the rest of the racecourse site and has been available for residential development in our district plan for 20 years. The land owner could have applied for consent to build houses there at any stage during that time,” says John.

Hauraki District Council economic development manager David Fielden is confident the proposal will bring economic benefits to Hauraki should it go ahead. He says Paeroa is growing and there is a need for more housing in the town.

“If it goes ahead, this proposed subdivision will provide work opportunities for local contractors, and lead to many new residents living and doing business in Paeroa.”

The application is being processed on a non-notified basis, which means no public submission process is required. A decision on the application is expected soon.

A separate private plan change application would need to be prepared to potentially change the Reserve (Active) zoned part of the racecourse to a different zone that would allow for the proposed retirement village.

The council has not yet received an application for this. Once an application is received, there will be a legal process to follow which will allow members of the public to submit comments on the proposed plan change. This will be advertised in local newspapers and on the council website.

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Posted on 04-08-2017 15:45 | By Papamoaner

Maybe they will get turfed out.

Trouble is...

Posted on 04-08-2017 14:12 | By GreertonBoy

It would probably end up people would move into the new subdivision, then complain about the noisy horses at 5am... like when people buy close to the airports, then complain about the pesky aeroplanes.... or move next to a golf course and whine about the pesky golfers ....