Little steps down as Labour leader

Andrew Little has stepped down as Labour Party leader this morning. File photo.

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Embattled Labour Party leader Andrew Little has stepped down, endorsing deputy Jacinda Ardern as his replacement.

He made the announcement at a press conference at parliament this morning.

“There’s no question the poll results from last week were disturbing, and very disappointing. In the end, as leader you have to take responsibility. I have and I do,” says Andrew.

“The results also follow other poll results over the last six weeks showing a gradual decline for Labour.”

He says despite the poor poll showing, he is proud of their campaign manifesto with ‘core’ Labour policies focusing on housing, education, jobs, and health.

“These are things about building a nation and building a future,” he says.

“The campaign we will need to run will have to tough and determined. It will be a tough fight. I remain utterly determined to stay in that fight, because it matters to all New Zealand.”

He believes a ‘narrative’ was being built around the polls by media and others, which he takes responsibility for.

“The party will be better served by a new leader. It’s pretty clear we need to get our message out better than we have done.

“Only one thing matters: that we change the government.”

He says he expects to be here until the end of the present parliament, but would like to continue to serve as an MP after September 23.

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Posted on 01-08-2017 11:37 | By Papamoaner

That’s a bit unkind mate. Little has done an honorable thing, very hard to do. I’m no Labour supporter, but wish him well. What he’s lost career wise, he has gained in credibility.

how about equality

Posted on 01-08-2017 11:15 | By Captain Sensible

Wouldn’t it be great for one of these out-of-touch politicians to consider that 85% of kiwis are discriminated against every day because they were born non-maori. Promise all kiwis equality and the election is there for the winning. Stop the maorification of NZ as we hurtle back to the stoneage.

The sinking ship

Posted on 01-08-2017 10:32 | By rastus

What is they say about leaving a sinking ship - Thank goodness we still have a real choice with NZ being put First!


Posted on 01-08-2017 10:28 | By dumbkof2

Get rid of the greenies and you might have a chance