Tauranga crash at city stop sign

Police believe a car may have failed to stop on the intersection.

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A crash in the Tauranga Central Business District is believed to have been caused by one of the vehicles failing to stop.

Police were called to the crash at the intersection of Durham and Spring streets around 2pm.

A black Mitsubishi sedan received panel damaged and broken windows on the driver’s side, and a newer model grey Toyota hatch lost its front bumper.

Senior Constable Tim Shields says while it looked like a vehicle had failed to stop, he had not interviewed both drivers.

One was in the WINZ office and the other was being assessed in the St John Ambulance that was called for.

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Posted on 31-07-2017 20:25 | By groutby then...a "STOP" sign actually does mean you have to stop? no moving wheels?..seen so rarely at this VERY intersection....Q: how can you do that?..especially in a manual? it possible to learn how to do that?..A: 1) learn how to drive correctly and safely 2) actually get a licence and a safe, road legal car, and 3) give a damn’ about other people..road users or not!..I say again, unbelievable, but oh, so common. From what I see at this intersection, oldies are as bad or even worse than many...

Good old Spring and Durham Strret

Posted on 31-07-2017 16:58 | By The Sage

I have had so many near misses at this intersection due to cars pulling out from Spring Street. When I drive along Durham Street I have my foot above the break ready to stop in a hurry.