No injuries in highway crash

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No one was injured in a crash on State Highway 36, between Tauranga and Rotorua.

Emergency services were called to the crash at the intersection of Te Matai and Pyes Pa roads at 7.35am.

A police spokesperson says there was only one vehicle involved in the crash.

“Apparently the vehicle is blocked the Te Matai side (not the highway side). No injuries, a tow is on the way to remove the vehicle.”

The crash comes after NZTA issued an ice warning for the roads in the Bay of Plenty.

Ice has been reported on the highway between Rotorua and Paengaroa.

A SunLive reader who regularly travels from Rotorua to Tauranga says he counted four crashes on the highway between the two cities.

"There is a tremendous amount of ice on the road especially around the gorge.

"I have just come through and counted four crashes just in and either side of the gorge."

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that gorge

Posted on 01-08-2017 18:41 | By old trucker

Is blinkin Dangerous and is a stupid design weaving down, all the big gear that was there ,COULD HAVE cut straight through, i know as i worked on it, also at other end put that sharp corner instead of straight, my god, all these (CONS)ULTANTS doing drawings for this, and it all ends in tears on that road, when are they going to fix other side,hangon we have not thought of that, a BIG D11 in one day could cut a road through there or at least a straight line ,what would i know with 30yr exp,.anyway Sunlive Thankyou, 10-4 out.

140 to 150km

Posted on 31-07-2017 18:36 | By Angel74

what the, and on that bit of road, and on days like today when its freezing and the roads are icy..... regardless of the weather how many times someone drives the road the speed limit is 100km and unless drivers are trying to stamp out their lives its about time they slow done and have consideration for other road users.........

Agreed clingon

Posted on 31-07-2017 15:41 | By Border Patrol

Regularly strike the slow ones too, who speed up when you get to the passing lanes...and are oblivious to others behind, braking for all corners, etc. I’ve been commuting on this road for around 12 years and have seen it all, and yes, I would estimate the speeds this morning at around the 140km mark given how quickly they caught up to the traffic doing around 105-108km up 3 mile hill. They then proceeded to pass a line of cars, going into a blind corner. Too fast to even get number plates and too busy getting out of their way. Very scary, and I assumed going by the driving they were either on drugs or had been drinking because surely no one in their right mind would drive like that?

140 kph?? Come, come!

Posted on 31-07-2017 14:45 | By space cadet

Have to agree with clingon about slow drivers that appear to lack peripheral awareness and the consideration to move left when vehicle are following. Very frustrating! A difficult road to maintain 140-150K I would have thought save for the burst of speed needed to finally get past the snails....

Bad drivers

Posted on 31-07-2017 14:43 | By Kenworthlogger

I have a dashcam full of all those drivers mentioned below by Border Patrol and Clingon....

140 kph?

Posted on 31-07-2017 13:32 | By clingon

I also travel this road regularly and can’t remember when I’ve seen anyone travelling at that speed but I have often seen people traveling far below the speed limit for no apparant reason,braking on most corners completely oblivious to any vehicles following that they are setting the pace for and won’t pull over into the slow lanes to let other more competent drivers past. I hate holding faster motorists up, if they are faster than me then I move over and let them go for it. Why can’t drivers check their mirrors more often?

..not surprising at all..

Posted on 31-07-2017 10:33 | By Border Patrol

as a regular commuter to Rotorua via Paengaroa, I regularly see excessive speed, vehicles still wanting to overtake when you are doing the speed limit and tailgate, unroadworthy cars with quite a few driving around on space saver tyres. They do not drive to the conditions at all. I just try and keep out of the idiots way and hope you don’t strike one coming the other way that loses control or is passing on a blind corner (see that all the time too). This morning a prime example of several vehicles passing on blind corners and must have been travelling in excess of 140-150kms. They know this road is barely policed and drive accordingly.