SunLive Competition



The hottest trending natural superfood containing one of the most nutrient-rich algae on the planet is 100 per cent Pure Organic New Zealand macrocystic pyrifera seaweed. Oceangreen Organics’ kelp supplement capsules are loaded with an abundance of more than 50 vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help balance, boost and support dynamic health and wellness.


Seaweed is an incredible multi-vitamin and assists the human body in a holistic way. It is especially a great source of additional Vitamin B12, Iron, Calcium and Zinc among other essential nutrients needed for all dietary requirements including vegan and vegetarians. Seaweed has been used for nutritional and medicinal purposes by different cultures all around the world for centuries to maintain vital health and wellness.


The Weekend Sun has two prizes, including a one-month supply of Ocean Green Organics kelp supplement tablets.


Competition Results

Congratulations to our winner, Verity Reader!