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Sunny days seem to prompt me to think more than usual about the whole concept of ‘saving the planet’. Partly it’s seeing the tuis flutter into the olive tree, finding snails once again taking over, and wondering how to get weeds out of the concrete without using toxic sprays that raises questions for me.

Is there a better way to be? Not only with getting into the garden but just living life generally?

A ‘Sustainable Beauty Guide’ from Love Beauty and Planet caught my attention. I was turning 60, and as well as thinking about how beautiful the environment around me is, I found myself thinking about how much waste and rubbish I was causing as I ‘did life’. Saving the planet for me needs to start at home, where I live and create.

The sustainable beauty guide is interesting. I’d been thinking about how and where I use plastic, and straight off, the guide suggested I switch out my plastic tooth brush for a bamboo one. Once it’s time for a new one, you can just pull the bristles out to recycle and pop the bamboo into the backyard compost.

Then there’s how much water we use. I already have chopped down my shower time to five minutes. Love Beauty and Planet’s fast rinse conditioners break down quickly meaning we can rinse our hair faster, saving seconds per rinse.

Looking for products that can be recycled is a little more challenging. Once we have empties, we all try and pop them into the right bin, but better yet, is there a way to upcycle our empties and get a little crafty?  How about that old lotion bottle for a new vase?

The guide suggests switching out our single-use cotton pads for reusable cosmetic wipes that can be thrown into our washing machines. And instead of letting the water run when washing our faces, we can soak a wash cloth then use it to clean our faces – not only does this save water, it apparently exfoliates our skin to leave it super soft.

Another brand, Simple, has launched a biodegradable facial cleansing wipe made from wood pulp that decomposes in 42 days. A gentle cleanser with vitamin B5 and E, it lifts make-up while also hydrating the skin.

I appreciate that brands like Simple, and Love Beauty and Planet which is a sustainable and vegan beauty brand, are helping us make a little difference in our daily routine for a more beautiful planet. Soaking up the sun makes me aware how beautiful our environment is, and I like being prompted to think about how to be more efficient and waste less.


The Weekend Sun has one prize pack, including shampoo, conditioner and body wash by Love Beauty and Planet and one packet of Simple’s new cleansing wipes for one lucky reader who can tell us what Simple’s facial cleansing wipes are made from.

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Entries must be received by Tuesday, October 29.

Competition Results

Congratulations to our winner, Karina Tabak!