SunLive Competition

 Join Zirka Circus on its 10 years anniversary Tour with a brand new show called ‘Into the Future’.

This show will bring a whole new level of entertainment to town.

Performing arts, theatre and showtime are all wrapped up in this world-class performance that can

be enjoyed by all ages.

Experience acts of pure exhilaration, glimpses of madness, gasps of enthralment and squeals

of delight. Be spellbound as 20 award-winning international artists astound you with their magic, juggling, balancing and more. Watch in disbelief as the motorbikes of madness accelerate into the future in the world’s biggest ‘Sphere of Fear’.

Zirka Circus will be bringing its show to Bethlehem from September 12-15 and Tauranga Racecourse from September 20-22 so buy your tickets now.

For more information, to buy tickets and to see where Zirka Circus is going next, visit:

The Weekend Sun has three double passes to see Zirka Circus at Tauranga Racecourse on September 20 for three lucky readers.


Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners, Janice Gould, Ronil Basant & Desiree Burborough!