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The Mountain Film Festival is making its way to the Bay of Plenty again this year, making it the fifth year running.

Tauranga Mountain Film Festival organiser Richard Watson says they festival is brought all around New Zealand after a week-long festival of films and speakers in Wanaka.

“We’ve got a good group of people that like coming along and watching. Some of the movies are three-four minutes long and some of them are 15 minutes long. So there is a package of movies on the course of that night that goes for about two hours.”

He says people who attend the night can expect some awesome adventure stories. The four main themes that the movies will show is mountaineering, skiing, pack-rafting, and surviving the outback.

“The context is based around that but it’s the story that comes out through the movies, which is the awesome part.”

He says he likes being able to sit back and watch a great story unfold. He says it’s just a real entertaining night out for people who like adventure and excitement.

“There is one movie about a person who re-creates a story of survival in the Australian Outback, and he puts himself in the same situation of people that got stranded in a plane crash, to see if he could survive the same length of time in the same area in the outback.”

He says it’s interesting to watch how he could put himself through it with no food, surviving off the land, as well as the temperature and all of the ‘nasties’ that are associated with Australia.

The Mountain Film Festival will screen in Tauranga on Saturday September 7, at Tauranga Boys' College.

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