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The revolutionary New Zealand-made Unoventhome ventilation system has a new feature to provide cleaner air and help fighting allergies: the Unovent PollenGuard Helix Filter.

Scientifically developed and tested, it is an industrial-grade filter that captures smaller, potentially harmful particles in the air such as pollen, dust mites, spores and pollution through high-performing New Zealand sheep wool fibres.

While air pollution is not a major concern in New Zealand, the number of people who suffer from respiratory allergies, like hay fever and asthma, is very high, and the UnoventPollenGuard Helix Filtercan help reduce the effect of these by capturing invisible airborne particles entering the ventilation outlets into rooms.

It is a natural, sustainable product, developed and manufactured in New Zealand by Lanaco for Unovent systems using a unique grade of wool fibre.

Unovent home ventilation systemis cost-efficient and simple to install yourself, with individual ductless outlets, each with its own fan and washable G4 pre-filter.

The system pulls dry air from the roof cavity into the home spaces, reducing moisture and window condensation. It costs up to 75 per cent less than other systems and has no expensive maintenance contracts. To learn more about Unovent visit:

The Weekend Sun has one DIY Unovent Home Ventilation System Kitset with 3 outlets, along with an Unovent PollenGuard Helix Filters pack valued at a total of $1,351, to give away to one lucky reader.

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