SunLive Competition

It has been recounted that as Handel composed his oratorio through 24 days of August and September in 1741, he was moved to tears and sensed the presence of God. The proceeds of the premiere performance in Dublin seven months later were devoted to the relief of prisoners, the support of a hospital and a charitable infirmary.

In the years after Handel's death, this oratorio intended for modest vocal and instrumental forces became adapted for much larger orchestras and choirs. Although ‘big Messiahs’ continue to be presented, this partnership between Scholars Pro Musica and NZbAROK seeks to reproduce a greater fidelity towards the composer's original and more intimate intentions.

Handel's oratorio will be more than just a cultural experience for you. Messiah is a lyrical epic whose grand theme is the great drama of redemption.

"Listening to the music and message of Handel's Messiah can bring us a sense of inner peace for the troubled present and bright hope for an uncertain future,” says Mr Poppy, artistic and musical director for Scholars Pro Musica.

“It vibrates in the memory long after the notes of the chorus, symphony and soloists have faded into silence.”

Handel's Messiah os on Saturday, December 02 from 7.30pm at St Mary Immaculate Church.

The Weekend Sun has one double pass for Handel's Messiah - Scholars Pro Musica Choir and NZbAROK Orchestra for one lucky reader.

Competition Results

Congratulations to Noelene Taylor.