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Be inspired to walk up a mountain or trek thousands of miles to a remote destination at an action-packed Tauranga film screening.

Five films from the 2017 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, which was held in Wanaka and Queenstown from June 28 –July 7, are to be showcased at the Historic Village Cinema for locals to enjoy.

Event organiser Richard Watson says the films have been specially selected and range in length from five minutes to 20 minutes, with the feature film running for 50 minutes.

“We started with one screening four years ago and we are now up to three screenings in two nights,” says Richard.

“This year we’ve tried to pick the movies that we think appeal to a lot of different people, so we’ve got a mix of action-packed excitement and high drama. All of it is really inspirational.

“Because it’s a film festival, one of our movies is from France and has subtitles, so there really is a mix between classic and foreign movies.”

One of the films that will be screened during the festival is Mountains of Heaven, which is about a lone girl who runs across Kyrgyzstan following ancient nomad trails to find her way.

The feature-length movie Into Twin Galaxies is also one to see, as a group of men kite-ski across 1000 kilometres of Greenland ice caps, while towing kayaks as their sleds to reach the most northern river ever paddled.

“We’re talking about middle aged men going out on a weekend mission, as weekend warriors, but what they are doing is pretty out there.”

The NZ Mountain Film Festival will be held on October 27-28 at the Historic Village Cinema.

There will be a screening from 4.30-7.30pm on Friday and Saturday as well as a screening from 7.30-10pm on Saturday. Ticket prices are $19.

For more information on the festival, or to buy tickets, go to:


The Weekend Sun has two double passes to the NZ Mountain Film Festival for two lucky readers who can tell us one of the names of the films that will be screened.



Competition Results

Congratulations to our two winners who each receive a double pass. Dorothy Van Den Hoven and Kerry Abel.